Guest Bathroom Organization

The guest bathroom in our home is pretty small but considering that my first home didn’t have one,  I am grateful.  It was even hard to photograph due to the size.  I looked like Spiderwoman trying to get a good picture.  Minus the latex suit of course.


The guest bathroom is adjacent to the laundry closet and close to the kitchen.  In theory it would be a good place to store cleaning supplies.  However, since I have little ones I never keep cleaning supplies under sinks.  Instead, I use this space to store all of our beach towels.  I roll them up so that I can circumvent that annoying pipe.  I really dislike that pipe. :-/


On the other side I have small plastic drawers that hold items that a guest may need:  Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, shaving cream, small cologne bottles, karaoke equipment (just checking to see if you are paying attention!).   In the other drawer I have a first aid kit and Q-tips.  On top of this I put extra toilet paper.


Sometimes we forget to use the cabinet doors for extra storage and its the perfect place to put a small caddy.  Here I place extra lotions, soaps, essential oils and a roll of garbage bags.  I have these caddies in almost every bathroom.  They are narrow so you can still have the items inside the cabinet uninterrupted.  I love them!


On the other cabinet door I use a command hook to hang my cleaning gloves.  I placed a clip that is meant to be used to close chip bags onto the command hook and it is the perfect clip to hold the gloves.  It’s a good idea to hang the cleaning gloves so that they can fully dry after using them.


A little closer…


Here is a picture of the whole bathroom cabinet.


There are systems meant for under the sink that circumvent the dreaded plumbing but sometimes by using a little creativity you can find an inexpensive way to use every inch of space.  Here is the other side of the bathroom just in case you were wondering (ok maybe you weren’t but for the sake of symmetry I will end it with this picture).


I hope you got some ideas and if you have any ideas for me just post them below.

P.S.  My husband just told me “you realize there is no Spiderwoman?”  Clearly he hasn’t seen me in action cleaning the house when he leaves…

Happy Organizing!


Organizing Kids Bookshelves

My 9-year olds bookshelf.  He uses it for books but I also use the bottom shelves for toy storage.  I don’t know if you can identify but no matter how many times I fix this bookshelf it ends up looking like this:


He has had those orange and brown baskets for years and they started to show it.  When he was smaller they served their purpose but now he needed stronger baskets.  I had to find baskets that wouldn’t warp and could handle being pulled out by kids who are not always the most gentle on their toys.  I also needed larger baskets to house the countless cards that my son collects.

Target saved the day.  Again.  I found these bins with the basket weave design which are VERY sturdy and I chose the putty color.  I also purchased some white ones that I will use for some bathroom storage.  I will post on that later.  They had the bins in white, putty and brown.  The baskets also nest but that wasn’t my intention with these.


I used one of the small baskets to hold magformers.  I love that toy!  They are like legos with magnets and kids (and adults) don’t seem to outgrow them.  I purchased them like 4 years ago on


Next, I used this sandwich container to hold one of his little card games and its pieces.  That’s the thing with kids toys…ALL THE SMALL PIECES!  They end up scattered everywhere especially when they don’t have a home.


This container was $1. and not the best quality for lunch but perfect for this little game.


There were cards that he only had a small set of.  I used small bags to put those in and I added a label.  I placed the bags inside one of the tins seen in the pictures below.


The second small bin is only for card games.  It holds tins that are full of cards and the sandwich container.


The large bin was a good size to organize all the miscellaneous small toys.  I used boxes on the inside to keep them in place.  If I used a separate small basket for each type of toy I would have a wall of baskets and bins.  Not an option.  This bin was large enough to fit the smaller items and his DS perfectly.


The finished product.


The bins fit nicely in the shelves.


Notice the labels on the shelves.  My son did that on his own with my label maker.  Should I be proud or scared that he is doing this?  At least it’s not color-coordinated.  Now I am giving myself ideas. :-)


Of course we all know that this much order wont last in a kids room but creating systems for everything makes the clean-up easier.  If it’s easier, then the kids are more likely to do it.  If not, at least it’s easier for mom.


Beach Bag Organization

It summer!  Sand, Salt, Water…and a beautifully organized beach bag just waiting for you by the door!  I decided to share with you my beach bag and how I organize it.  Taking the time to do this now will pay off when you actually need the bag.  It is a great feeling to get in the car with your bag and the kids (don’t get so excited about the bag that you forget the kids…although you will get more reading done :-) ) knowing that everything that you might need is already there.

Here it is!  Behold!  The BEACH BAG!


I use these bags from “thirty-one” because I love the color and the all the pockets.  I am a sucker for pockets!


The large utility tote is in the turquoise color and the one in the front is in a print called Party Punch.  I don’t sell these bags but I love them!  If you are interested in them, send me a message and I can put you in touch with someone who can help you.  If you already have a nice large bag of your own consider setting one up exclusively for the beach or the pool and leaving it prepared all summer long.  I also have a similar bag for picnics.  I will post on that at a later date.  I keep all these bags high up in my closet.

I like this bag because it is large enough for towels and it has a zipper closure.  Inside I keep towels and a matching foldout bag that I use for miscellaneous beach items.  In the front pocket you will notice a small turquoise bag that holds a trash bag and a large zip lock bag for wet bathing suits.  In the other outside pockets we put our water bottles.


In this small bag that is meant to be used for make-up I keep a book, lip gloss, pens and suntan lotion.  Toni, writer of the blog “A Bowl full of lemons” uses the same makeup bag and I noticed that she also puts dollar bills in hers.  I immediately did the same thing and they fit perfectly in that middle zipper.  It is a good idea to have money and some change for beach parking.  You can check out Toni’s blog HERE.


In the outside pockets I put a first aid kit.  This one is kind of large but it holds a little bottle of wound cleaner and it fits nicely in the pocket.  In the middle pocket I put a pair of sunglasses.  I don’t use these sunglasses unless I am at the beach or pool.  They stay there waiting patiently until I need them.  They are inexpensive sunglasses that are polarized and don’t have any metallic hardware so that I don’t have to worry about them getting rusty from salt water or chlorine.  I also have inexpensive sunglasses that stay in my car at all times just in case I forget my favorite pair and I have another pair in the baby stroller.  Maybe it’s overkill but living in Florida and forgetting your sunglasses can really put a damper in your day.


In this small thermal pouch I keep my sons epipen.  He is allergic to shellfish so I try to take this everywhere.   I also take a small cooler with snacks and drinks for the boys but that is something that I didn’t take pictures of because I don’t do that ahead of time.  I pack that cooler right before we head out.



In this big bag I keep all the beach/pool toys.  It is big enough that things can get thrown in without any special placement.  I like that.


So that’s it!  All ready to place on the sand.


Remember to enjoy the summer!  Remember to enjoy living!