Guest Bathroom Organization

The guest bathroom in our home is pretty small but considering that my first home didn’t have one,  I am grateful.  It was even hard to photograph due to the size.  I looked like Spiderwoman trying to get a good picture.  Minus the latex suit of course.


The guest bathroom is adjacent to the laundry closet and close to the kitchen.  In theory it would be a good place to store cleaning supplies.  However, since I have little ones I never keep cleaning supplies under sinks.  Instead, I use this space to store all of our beach towels.  I roll them up so that I can circumvent that annoying pipe.  I really dislike that pipe. :-/


On the other side I have small plastic drawers that hold items that a guest may need:  Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, shaving cream, small cologne bottles, karaoke equipment (just checking to see if you are paying attention!).   In the other drawer I have a first aid kit and Q-tips.  On top of this I put extra toilet paper.


Sometimes we forget to use the cabinet doors for extra storage and its the perfect place to put a small caddy.  Here I place extra lotions, soaps, essential oils and a roll of garbage bags.  I have these caddies in almost every bathroom.  They are narrow so you can still have the items inside the cabinet uninterrupted.  I love them!


On the other cabinet door I use a command hook to hang my cleaning gloves.  I placed a clip that is meant to be used to close chip bags onto the command hook and it is the perfect clip to hold the gloves.  It’s a good idea to hang the cleaning gloves so that they can fully dry after using them.


A little closer…


Here is a picture of the whole bathroom cabinet.


There are systems meant for under the sink that circumvent the dreaded plumbing but sometimes by using a little creativity you can find an inexpensive way to use every inch of space.  Here is the other side of the bathroom just in case you were wondering (ok maybe you weren’t but for the sake of symmetry I will end it with this picture).


I hope you got some ideas and if you have any ideas for me just post them below.

P.S.  My husband just told me “you realize there is no Spiderwoman?”  Clearly he hasn’t seen me in action cleaning the house when he leaves…

Happy Organizing!


I’m hooked!

Ok, so I LOVE command hooks. I find a use for them everywhere in the house. My favorite use for them is behind cabinets to hang cleaning gloves and even pot holders. It is amazing how many uses you can find and they even match your existing decor because they come in different colors. The other day as I was looking at my toddlers high chair a lightbulb went off. I couldn’t believe I had not thought about this before! We use the plastic washable bibs and they sit right on top of the high chair tray. It does not look bad but it certainly does not look good. Every time we sit Matthew down to eat we have to move both bibs (one he wears of course). For most normal people this is not a problem…but this is ME we are talking about. I kept thinking there had to be a better way to store these out of sight. Command hooks! Of course! That was my solution and it only took me 2 years to think about it…I borderline on genius…at least my parents say so. Back to the idea, better late than never.  So here is the super simple project:

Here is the before picture.  It doesn’t look bad but the end result is so much better and functional.
High Chair

Here is the back of the high chair
High Chair
And here is the back with the command hook!
High Chair
Here is the finished product. A clean looking chair and the bibs are out of sight.
Hair Chair
YAY! No clutter!
High Chair

Maybe I am the only one who gets excited about this stuff but I love simple ideas that make a big difference!  Please let me know what you think.