Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization

Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization

I recently shared my toddler’s new “big boy” room but we also changed the furniture in our oldest’s room.  It’s been busy around here!  I haven’t done a complete post on my 11 year-old son’s room in the past but you can see what his room looked like here and here.  We had been wanting to update his room for a while because it just wasn’t working for him.  So we recently went furniture shopping and decided it was a great idea to bring him along for his input – not the first time that one of my bright ideas was less than bright.  Of course, he wanted a bunk bed and was attracted to anything “cool” and disregarded all practicality in the process.

I really wanted for him to be excited about his new room but I know that what he likes at 11 may not be what he likes at 13 or 14 so his dad and I had to take charge.  I want to show you the bedroom set that we chose and why we love it, and ultimately why our son loves it too!  At least now he does.

There are a lot of reasons why I love this bed but the first is that he finally has a full size bed (he previously had a twin bed) so we can comfortably get in his bed at night and chat with him before he sleeps.  It’s not something I do all the time, but I cherish those moments when he asks me 102 questions before falling asleep.  The second reason is that this bed included a trundle as an add-on option.  The trundle was an added expense and we briefly considered not getting it, but now I am so glad that we did.

Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization

It is a trundle within a trundle.  It’s not easy to distinguish in the picture but the trundle has a sliding shelf that allows almost double the storage.

Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization


Since all his books didn’t fit inside the bookshelf, I placed some of them under the bed.  On the sliding drawer, I placed felt-lined bins (from Target) to store smaller toys that end up not having a home.  And that means they end up on the floor.


Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization


Ok, and how cool is this?  The bedpost hides a reading light – I was kinda jealous!  My son loves to read and this was a huge plus!


Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization


We were only able to fit one nightstand in his room because the other side of his bed is next to his closet which needs to open towards the bed.  This nightstand also had a great little feature…look on…


Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization


There is a lid towards the back of the nightstand that conceals all the cords!  Seriously, how perfect is this bedroom set for kids?!


Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization


Inside that small compartment is a plug that allows all his electronics to be plugged in next to his bed.


Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization


We also purchased the desk that came with the set and the bookshelf.  There were some other pieces available (a dresser and desk topper) that were great but the room was filling up and the wallet emptying by the time we tallied up the items!


Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization


The other side of his room has a t.v. and an ottoman that he places all his bed pillows on before going to bed.  Well, that was the idea anyway…

Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization

One of my favorite organizing solutions in his room is being able to hang up all his skateboards and pogo stick.  These were items that used to be in the garage but out-of-sight was out-of-mind and he stopped using them.  We want to encourage him to be active so we brought them into his room and it has worked because he now uses them often.  Since I didn’t want those skateboards all over the house, I found these hooks that are probably meant for garages, but they are heavy-duty and perfect for holding bulky items.   Also, I think it decorates the room a bit and adds character to the wall.

Teen / Tween Bedroom Organization

After some convincing that the bright blue bunk bed wasn’t the best choice for long term, our son now loves his new room!  It has been easier to keep organized now that he has so many systems in place!

Is your teen naturally organized or does their room make you sigh just thinking about it?  I would love to hear from you…



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Organizing Kids Bookshelves

My 9-year olds bookshelf.  He uses it for books but I also use the bottom shelves for toy storage.  I don’t know if you can identify but no matter how many times I fix this bookshelf it ends up looking like this:


He has had those orange and brown baskets for years and they started to show it.  When he was smaller they served their purpose but now he needed stronger baskets.  I had to find baskets that wouldn’t warp and could handle being pulled out by kids who are not always the most gentle on their toys.  I also needed larger baskets to house the countless cards that my son collects.

Target saved the day.  Again.  I found these bins with the basket weave design which are VERY sturdy and I chose the putty color.  I also purchased some white ones that I will use for some bathroom storage.  I will post on that later.  They had the bins in white, putty and brown.  The baskets also nest but that wasn’t my intention with these.


I used one of the small baskets to hold magformers.  I love that toy!  They are like legos with magnets and kids (and adults) don’t seem to outgrow them.  I purchased them like 4 years ago on QVC.com


Next, I used this sandwich container to hold one of his little card games and its pieces.  That’s the thing with kids toys…ALL THE SMALL PIECES!  They end up scattered everywhere especially when they don’t have a home.


This container was $1. and not the best quality for lunch but perfect for this little game.


There were cards that he only had a small set of.  I used small bags to put those in and I added a label.  I placed the bags inside one of the tins seen in the pictures below.


The second small bin is only for card games.  It holds tins that are full of cards and the sandwich container.


The large bin was a good size to organize all the miscellaneous small toys.  I used boxes on the inside to keep them in place.  If I used a separate small basket for each type of toy I would have a wall of baskets and bins.  Not an option.  This bin was large enough to fit the smaller items and his DS perfectly.


The finished product.


The bins fit nicely in the shelves.


Notice the labels on the shelves.  My son did that on his own with my label maker.  Should I be proud or scared that he is doing this?  At least it’s not color-coordinated.  Now I am giving myself ideas. :-)


Of course we all know that this much order wont last in a kids room but creating systems for everything makes the clean-up easier.  If it’s easier, then the kids are more likely to do it.  If not, at least it’s easier for mom.