Back to School Organization Tips

Back to School Organization Tips


My boys will be going back to school in 14 days and 3 hours but hey, who’s counting?!  As soon as the school year starts once more, I jump for joy start missing those sweet boys!  All kidding aside, the summer is fun but the school routine is a welcome change in our home.  Here are my favorite tips to get organized for getting back to “school mode”.


1.  Restore the sleep routine.

Yes, all those weeks of saying “ah, let them stay up.  There’s no school.” can catch up to you.  It’s important that a week or two before school starts, we start to cut back on bed time.  They should start to slowly adjust back to their sleep schedule prior to summer.

Back to School Organization Tips


2.  Create a space for homework.

Clearing out their desks or designating a spot in the home to do homework can be important in them being able to focus once again on school and their homework responsibilities.

Back to School Organization Tips


My son’s desk has a few items including a desk mat to protect his desk, sharpened colored pencils (he loves to draw) and a diffuser.  I use the diffuser to either diffuse oils that help him focus while doing homework or lavender to help him rest at night.  If the boys have colds or congestion, I use oils that help with that.  We all have diffusers in our rooms but I was glad to find this black one for him because it was a perfect match for his room and as he would say “it’s manly”.


Back to School Organization Tips


3.  Buy school supplies.

Many school websites already have a general list available detailing what the kids will need for the school year.  I like purchasing supplies as soon as I can so that I can beat the rush at the stores right before school.  I also like to stock-up his desk with new supplies so that he is excited to work at home as well.  Freshly sharpened pencils are waiting to be used in his drawer.

Back to School Organization Tips


4.  Create a launch/landing pad.

Depending on the age of the child, they will need a spot to place their book bag and possibly a wallet or keys.  I found this little shelf at Target last year (from the Young House Love line for Target) and I spray painted it to match his room.  For now, it only holds his book bag.  It’s important to have a launch/landing pad so that mornings are smoother and important items don’t get lost.  This will help them develop this important habit for the future.

Back to School Organization Tips

5.  Organize clothing and closet.

My boys use uniforms for school so I just removed last years uniforms and replaced them with the new ones.  This is a great time to go through their clothing and get rid of items that no longer fit.  That way you don’t have to hear in the morning “Mom, I don’t have jeans!  Nothing fits!”.

Back to School Organization Tips


Kids (and parents) can be anxious before school starts and having things in order can make us all feel more calm and ready to tackle the next school year! What is your favorite tip to avoid the back-to-school madness?

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  1. Joan says

    Just looking at your order in your home made me feel calmer. I need to keep working toward this. So many challenging things have happened in the past few months and It has really thrown me off track. Wish there was a group of women working on this together so we could be encouraging and accountable to each other.
    Thanks again.

    • Maria says

      Joan, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Blogs (especially those about organizing) can be encouraging and at times they can even be a little discouraging because we can feel like we are missing the mark in our own homes. Sometimes, it even happens so me looking at other blogs. Right now my office needs a little “Graceful Order”…haha! I definitely want my posts to inspire my awesome readers (like you!) to create harmony in their homes at whatever pace they can work at. Maybe I should do a challenge consisting of small tasks that we can all complete together. What do you think? Again, thank YOU because your words encourage me to keep sharing! xoxo, Maria

  2. MorganizewithMe says

    Fantastic tips Maria! I love the launch/landing pad! My tip is to plan ahead on Sunday’s with our lunch making so we have lunches prepped and ready for the week.

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