Bathroom Towel Hooks

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Bathroom towel hooks for kids are an absolute game changer.  It is a constant battle in our home to get the boys to put away their towel after bath time.  It is always on the floor and if it gets hung up, it is shoved into the towel holder and probably would have looked better on the floor.  So I could either keep telling them the same thing every evening or I could I could change the system since it wasn’t working for anyone involved.

In comes the hook idea.  Maybe if all they had to do was “drape” the towel over a hook, they would do it.  This way it is easier and requires no folding of the towel, like with the towel bar.  I have shown you their bathroom before when I painted it earlier this year.  I needed some hooks that had a shelf since I knew that removing the towel bar would damage the wall and I wanted to cover that up.

After I found the right size shelf with hooks (at Homegoods), I got to work.  I didn’t know how difficult or easy it would be to remove the existing towel bar, but it was surprisingly easy.  I just placed a flathead screwdriver behind the porcelain piece, and I hit it with a soft mallet.  You should wear safety glasses and be careful because there is a possibility that the porcelain could shatter and hit the floor.

Bathroom Towel Hooks


In this case, it came off with very little effort and intact.  I just went around the piece with the screwdriver and the mallet until I felt it detach and then I gently pulled it off.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Now the other one.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Now you can patch up the hole but you don’t have to worry about making it perfect if you will be placing a shelf right over it.   The first thing I did was take out the level.  I used a level because it seems to be the only thing that my husband really cares about when I do any solo DIY project.  “Did you use a level?”

Me – “Honey, I remodeled our whole bathroom while you were at the office!”

Husband – “Yeah, but did you use a level?”

So I did, and here is proof!

Bathroom Towel Hooks

After drawing the line with a pencil, I decided to also use a stud finder to make sure that I wouldn’t run into a stud while installing the shelf.  Yes, there are times in life when running into a stud is a really bad thing.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

So I marked where the screws would go and proceeded to add them on either side.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

And then the shelf and a few accessories, of course!

Bathroom Towel Hooks

This has been a total success so far.  No more towels on the floor.

I put up a shelf by myself, I used a level and avoided a stud.  Not too shabby.





The Painted Smile

I love the color green and had painted the boys bathroom a celery green about 7 years ago.  The paint held up well, but I was getting tired of the color and it started to look dull.  After years of cleaning the walls from little marks here and there, it was time to make a change.

Kid's Bathroom

I went into Sherwin Williams and took a whole bunch of their paint samples.  I brought them home and placed them side-by-side.  I then chose what I thought was the perfect shade of blue for my kids’ little bathroom.  I chose an appropriately named color, it’s called Watery.

Kid's Bathroom

I also purchased some rollers, a tray and a paintbrush for edging.  I was excited to start!

As soon as I got home, I realized that I purchased the rollers thinking that we already had the roller frame (or poll) in our garage.  I couldn’t find it.

I was so anxious to start, that I decided to paint the bathroom with a paintbrush.  It seemed like an excellent idea at the time.  I would take advantage of my toddler’s nap time, and I would paint a room.  With only a small paintbrush.  Genius.  Interrupted.

Boy's Bathroom

I start painting the first wall and my arm starts to hurt.  I start losing steam ON THE FIRST WALL.  This isn’t good.  The small bathroom starts looking like Versailles from my vantage point.

Kid's Bathroom

I start convincing myself that the WHOLE bathroom didn’t actually need painting. I convince myself that only one wall should be painted.  I convince myself that the contrast between the blue and green is actually better than re-painting the whole bathroom. I convince myself that broccoli actually tastes better than cake.

But deep inside, I know the truth.  Cake tastes better than broccoli .  I must finish the project that I began.

Also, my husband was out-of-town and groveling for help, like with my Master Closet Remodel, wasn’t an option.  You can read about that “adventure” HERE.

Boy's Bathroom

So I kept going and positioned and re-positioned our ladder “cirque du soleil style” until I finished.  My paintbrush and I were done.  We did good.  We were rock stars.

I love the new color and I want to share some pictures with you.  What do you think?

Boys Bathroom

I did end up leaving a small nook at the very top, in the old green shade.  I added some blue pots to bring in some blue from the walls.  Not sure if I love the green nook yet.  Maybe I should go ahead and paint that too.  I have to wait and see.  Its a small area that I could paint it really fast, even with a paintbrush.

I hung up the towels and the shelves.  (The photograph does not accurately show the color. There is no natural light in this bathroom, making good photos a challenge.)

Kid's Bathroom

I purchased the towels from Frontgate and I love the quality.  They are holding up well and were a perfect match to the new color.

Kid's Bathroom

The shelf and a more accurate picture of the color.

Boy's Bathroom

Since my husband was out-of-town, he had no idea that I was doing this.

As soon as he got home, I proudly told him that I had painted the kids’ bathroom…using only a paintbrush.  No roller.

He smiled.

But I knew this smile.  I have given this smile before (Usually to my toddler, when he rushes in to tell me that he has “decorated” my bedroom.  I smile and excitedly say “YOU DID?!” and inside, I immediately start crying).

Boy's Bathroom

There is no joy in that smile.  Only fear.  My husband was afraid.

You see, according to him, he loves my decorating, but my DIY projects…

He says they either culminate in total success or…fear.  I think I have a pretty good batting ratio.  His opinion has no basis.  None that I would admit to.

Regardless, I was hopeful that he would love it as much as I did.  It would make the fact that I didn’t feel my right arm, almost worthwhile.

And…He loved it!  The smile was no longer forced.  He really liked it and so did the boys.

Even this boy.

By the way, that smile gets me every time.  Even when he uses toilet paper as streamers in my room.

Kid's Bathroom

Of course, I found the paint roller pole the next day.  God has a sense of humor.  I am sure of it.

– Maria

Kid’s Bathroom Organization

I have two boys and they share a bathroom.  ‘Nuff said.  You feel my pain.  It is the bathroom that gets cleaned most often and doesn’t seem to stay clean for long.  I decided that I needed to de-clutter the bathroom to make cleaning easier.  I used to have all of the boys toiletries right on the bathroom counter which made it more of a chore to clean.

I found two solutions to clear out the clutter.  The first was purchasing this curtain from amazon which you can purchase {here} or you can find at most Targets.  The picture below is not my boys bathroom because we covered it with another curtain which you will see in the next picture.  I don’t recommend that you put really heavy items in the pockets such as large shampoo bottles but I did put hairspray, cologne, a hairbrush and water play toys in our curtain and it holds them just fine.

Amazon photo of the Maytex pocket curtain.

Amazon photo of the Maytex pocket curtain.

This is the boys bathroom.  Like the curtain?  60’s psychedelic right?  Well here is my bathroom conundrum:  I have a toddler who would love to have a Mickey-themed bathroom and a 9-year-old who would threaten to run away if he had a Mickey-themed bathroom.  He is apparently too cool for the big mouse or any cartoon for that matter.

Keeping that in mind, I decided that I wanted to make the bathroom fun and colorful but not include a theme.  We found the curtain and mat at Target.


Since the counters need to be wiped down so often I just placed the essentials.  I chose this little container (also from Target) because it has a divider and the boys can share it.


I also purchased three small plants from IKEA and I spray painted a plastic plant holder that I had in the garage.  That’s as crafty as I get.  No joke.


The second storage solution was under the sink.   If my boys were both older I would definitely have a cleaning caddy under here but for now I like to keep those in higher cabinets.  Instead, I stored in these two baskets all the items that didn’t fit in the shower curtain pockets.  They hold one extra set of bath towels, hand towels and shampoo.  You have seen me use these baskets in the past because I love them so.  Also from Target.  I feel like I say “also from Target” after every sentence.  I guess I am drawn to that red circle!

The baskets are stackable so I purchased a large and a small one so that I can push the small one back when I need something from the larger.  I am so happy that the baskets fit despite the plumbing pipe.  That is always something to consider when purchasing containers for under-the-sink organization.


I love having the area cleared out and it is so much easier to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.  Peace to all {keeping the 60’s theme in full effect}.

What ideas do you have for keeping kids bathrooms organized?