Bathroom Towel Hooks

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Bathroom towel hooks for kids are an absolute game changer.  It is a constant battle in our home to get the boys to put away their towel after bath time.  It is always on the floor and if it gets hung up, it is shoved into the towel holder and probably would have looked better on the floor.  So I could either keep telling them the same thing every evening or I could I could change the system since it wasn’t working for anyone involved.

In comes the hook idea.  Maybe if all they had to do was “drape” the towel over a hook, they would do it.  This way it is easier and requires no folding of the towel, like with the towel bar.  I have shown you their bathroom before when I painted it earlier this year.  I needed some hooks that had a shelf since I knew that removing the towel bar would damage the wall and I wanted to cover that up.

After I found the right size shelf with hooks (at Homegoods), I got to work.  I didn’t know how difficult or easy it would be to remove the existing towel bar, but it was surprisingly easy.  I just placed a flathead screwdriver behind the porcelain piece, and I hit it with a soft mallet.  You should wear safety glasses and be careful because there is a possibility that the porcelain could shatter and hit the floor.

Bathroom Towel Hooks


In this case, it came off with very little effort and intact.  I just went around the piece with the screwdriver and the mallet until I felt it detach and then I gently pulled it off.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Now the other one.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Now you can patch up the hole but you don’t have to worry about making it perfect if you will be placing a shelf right over it.   The first thing I did was take out the level.  I used a level because it seems to be the only thing that my husband really cares about when I do any solo DIY project.  “Did you use a level?”

Me – “Honey, I remodeled our whole bathroom while you were at the office!”

Husband – “Yeah, but did you use a level?”

So I did, and here is proof!

Bathroom Towel Hooks

After drawing the line with a pencil, I decided to also use a stud finder to make sure that I wouldn’t run into a stud while installing the shelf.  Yes, there are times in life when running into a stud is a really bad thing.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

So I marked where the screws would go and proceeded to add them on either side.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

And then the shelf and a few accessories, of course!

Bathroom Towel Hooks

This has been a total success so far.  No more towels on the floor.

I put up a shelf by myself, I used a level and avoided a stud.  Not too shabby.







  1. MorganizewithMe says

    I am an absolute fan of hooks, they are game changers! My kids probably don’t know how to hang up a towel any other way. Love the shelf as it adds more options for decor. And the level…I just eye ball everything, ha ha, but I know I shouldn’t…

    • Maria says

      I am considering installing hooks for our towels too. Maybe I won’t use a level this time because I also like to live dangerously every now and then.


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