5 Tips for a Worry Free Holiday Season

5 Tips for a Worry Free Holiday Season

I love sharing little tips that have made a big impact in my life as far as enjoying the most joyous (and hectic) time of the year…Christmas!  The Holidays do not stress me out at all – as a matter a fact, I love every aspect of Christmas as long as I am not rushed.  I love sitting down and addressing my holiday cards by hand, baking cookies, wrapping gifts…  I enjoy everything unless I feel like I am forced to do it in a rush.  So here is what I do to keep my Christmas merry:

1- Order my holiday cards ahead of time

I usually order my Christmas cards before November ends.  This way I can sit down in peace with some Christmas music (yes, I am that cheesy) and handwrite my envelopes.  I can no longer hand write the actual cards because we send out so many, so I appreciate these pre-printed cards with beautiful messages.  This year I ordered these beautiful foil cards from Tiny Prints.  I love them!

Minted Christmas Cards

They are wonderful!

Minted Christmas Card

I usually set up a little holiday card station and get to work.

Card Station Christmas

I do the same for my Holiday Business Cards, that I also picked up from Tiny Prints.

Christmas Business Cards

2 – Simplify shopping

Shopping can be one the most stressful part of the holidays.  If I can buy it online, I do.  There is no need to make those long lines unless you are absolutely convinced that you are getting a superior deal.  I love the convenience of online shopping!

3 – Stock up on baking supplies

Isn’t it annoying when you are ready to start baking and you think you have all your ingredients ready to go, only to find out there are little bugs in your flour?!  Always buy fresh flour and essentials right before the holidays.  I also like to start baking and freezing scones and cookie rolls.  I will individually wrap my scones in parchment paper and then place them inside a Ziplock bag. I also wrote on the outside the temperature that I am supposed to cook them and for how long.  I do the same with logs of cookies that I can later slice and bake.

Chirstmas scones

4 – Wrap gifts as you go

I wrap all the gifts that are inside boxes as soon as I purchase them.  I skip placing the bow on them so that they can easily stack on top of the other.  I do write the name in a little corner of the gift so that I can later add a bow and a tag.  I really enjoy wrapping gifts when it’s not a marathon.  Although, when it comes to wrapping the boys gifts it’s always a mini-marathon!

Stress Free Christmas

5- Focus on the awesomeness of Christmas

It is so easy to get distracted or stressed out with all of the holiday hustle.  Stop and remind yourself that Christmas only comes around once a year and it’s a really special time with a special meaning – and stress shouldn’t be part of such a beautiful time!

It’s almost Christmas – stay committed to being “present” and aware of all your blessings!

xo, Maria

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