Holiday Card Station

Holiday Card Station

No pressure but have you already sent out your holiday cards?  When I send out my cards, I set up a holiday card station.  It sounds silly but it will make getting the cards in the mail faster and more fun.  If you set up a station you will work faster and everything you need will be at hand.

I love receiving and sending out Christmas cards!  If they are the ones with the picture I save them to later scrapbook them in my Christmas album (which hasn’t been updated in 4 years but in my mind I am an avid scrapbooker).

Holiday Card Station

These are the items that you need to create a holiday card station:

  1. Holiday Cards (Obvious, I know).

  2. Return Address labels

  3.  Address book

  4.  Stickers / washi tape / embelishments

  5.  Stamps

  6.  Pen

Holiday Cards

Tips before sending holiday cards:

  1.  Make sure that your stamp is sufficient for the card that you purchased.

  2.  Make Christmas address labels for all of your friends and family and that way you just print out the labels every year.  Holiday Card Lists are more extensive than birthday invitation lists, and it is worth it to type all the addresses and save the document for yearly use.  This is especially a good idea for those that send out lots of cards.


The good thing about setting up a tray is that if you don’t finish in one sitting, you can put everything away and bring it back out when you are ready.

I hope you all have an awesome Holiday season!


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