Organized Home Week 10 – The Family Room

Organized Home Week 10 - The Family Room

This is the last week of our “Organized Home” series and we end the week with the family room.  This room gets a lot of abuse love from the whole family and needs some daily attention to keep it looking its best.  Here is a list of things to help you organize the family room.

Make an activity list

Make a list of all the activities that take place in the family room, playing video games, board games, coloring, reading, watching TV…  After your list is ready, you can decide where to create zones that support each activity.

Create a Game Center

Our entertainment center has doors along the bottom and they each have a different function.  I usually opt for furniture pieces that offer storage, not just looks.   Here is one of the cabinets open, this one holds our board games and the boys video games.

Organized Home Week 10 - The Family Room

Make your coffee table work double-time.

If your coffee table has two levels, you can add bins or rolling baskets to the bottom.  These are great to store throws, extra pillows, coasters or remote controls.  Loose items are usually what make a space look cluttered so containerize your items.

Create storage for magazines

Sort through your magazines and get rid of the old ones or the ones that are torn.  If you have magazines with recipes, it is best to rip out the page and create a binder full of recipes to try.  This will really help in clearing out your space.  The magazines that you love and can’t part with, can go inside a large basket or a tray.  If you can’t access the magazines, you won’t read them.

Organized Home Week 10 - The Family Room

Organized Home Week 10 - The Family Room


Make the space reflect your style.

Spend the time to create a space that reflects your style.  I love a home that is decorated over time and is as comfortable as it is beautiful.  Decorating does not always equate dollar signs.  You can “shop your home” and change pieces out from one room to another and create a whole new look.  I love doing this and then I wonder how I didn’t think of placing that item there before.

Organized Home Week 10 - The Family Room


Decorate with books.

I love decorating with books and I do this throughout the home.  Adding a stack of books to a table adds height and visual interest.


Organized Home Week 10 - The Family Room


Tidy up at the end of the day.

My family room during the day turns into nothing short of a disaster but when the boys are back in bed I use my systems to quickly pick-up.  There are nights that I don’t do my nightly routine and the next morning it’s such a drag to walk into a messy room.  Just like making the bed everyday, this is a task that takes very little time but makes a big difference in your mood throughout the day.

Organized Home Week 10 - The Family Room

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  1. Eugenia says

    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing all you have done in your home. Just a suggestion: in the first paragraph above you used “it’s” to indicate possession. Actually, “its” is the possessive form of “it”. “It’s” means “it is”. Thought you might want to know.

    • Maria says

      Thank you, Eugenia! I just made that change. Not sure why I initially wrote it that way, but thank you for catching it and letting me know.

  2. Susan Hudak says

    Hi Maria!

    I too love the picture above the sofa. Did you make this or from where did you order it?
    You really have a gift for reflecting your faith in God in your beautiful, welcoming home.


    • Maria says

      Thank you for your sweet comment, Susan! The picture above the sofa is from an Etsy shop called “the House of Belonging”. She has beautiful items and I own a few. Let her know I sent you, I think you will love her shop. :-)

    • Maria says

      Thank you, Chelsea! The coffee table and end table are from a brand called “Stanley Furniture” and the collection name is “American Modern”. We purchased all these pieces 10 years ago so I don’t know if they still have them. The sign is from The House of Belonging on Etsy. I love her signs and have quite a few of them. Tell Tiffini I sent you!


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