Organized Home Week 6 – Kids Bedrooms

Organized Home Week 6 - Kids Bedrooms


Today we organize the kid’s bedrooms…yay!  Ok, no yay.  Kids are not usually known for their organizing skills, they are better known for their disorganizing skills.  But there is hope, I promise. At the end of the trail of socks, there is hope.

I always notice that when my 11-year-old’s room is tidy, he loves to sit at his desk and work on homework or draw.  However, when his room is messy, I see him working on the kitchen table.  We all like to work in spaces that have “space” for us.

There is no way to organize a child’s bedroom in a manner that it will remain that way forever (or even a week) but there are certain steps to organizing kid’s rooms that will make them way easier to pick up.

1- Edit the amount of toys/stuff they have

This step is key!  Kid’s get overwhelmed with clutter just like we do.  Sometimes they don’t know where to start, just like us.  If items don’t have a place, or the designated space is full to the brim, things won’t get picked up regularly.  Sort through all of their toys and think KEEP, DONATE, TOSS.  Only store what is being used.

2-  Edit the amount of clothing that is in their closet and drawers

This is a two-part solution: get rid of the excess and don’t over-buy in the future.   I have been guilty of both.  Make it a habit to go through their closets often and have a bin nearby to place items that no longer fit.  Only keep items that they still like and fit them properly.  My boys grow out of their shoes often.  The other day I noticed that my toddlers closet had 3 pairs of shoes that no longer fit him and the other shoes were crammed in the shoe shelves, which wasn’t necessary.  I placed the shoes in the donate bin and now the rest fit nicely.

Organized Home Week 6 - Kids Bedrooms

3- Organize books

I recently got rid of quite a few books that were in my toddlers room that were meant for babies.  For some reason I kept making space for books that he was no longer interested in.  I added them to the donate pile.  My older son loves to read but does not like to part with his favorite series books, so I dedicated a large bookcase to house his books.

4- Use different sized bins to organize kid’s bedrooms

I use these matching bins from Target in different sizes to store all the small and large toys.  Also, alternate between closed and open bins,  depending on who will be accessing the items.  Toddlers do well with open bins and easy to open bins.  However, closed bins like the ones below, are great to hide massive amounts of little toys without looking messy.

Organized Home Week 6 - Kids Bedrooms

5- Label bins

Labeling will help you organize your child’s room and it will help them as well.  Labels with pictures are great for toddlers and regular text labels for older kids.

Organized Home Week 6 - Kids Bedrooms

Happy Organizing!


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  1. MorganizewithMe says

    Trail of socks…I can SO relate! Love your tips and those bins from Target are fantastic. The stripes add so much style.

  2. says

    I wish my room (err, whole house, even!) was this organized! I remember as a kid having to search after “cleaning” my room…and that was alright, but this would have made things so much easier! Still would, too!

    • Maria says

      Thank you for your comment, Havoc! I find it that my boys (and me) are more productive after I do a good organizing number to their rooms.

  3. says

    I have a 2 and 4 year old, so I absolutely agree that you have to make it easy for them to pick up stuff because organization is not something they will do. I love the use of bins especially with limited closet and floor space. I know I could have a better organization system for their rooms, I just have to think about it. I’ll be sifting through your blog to get some ideas. No need to reinvent the wheel. Thanks for a great post! Breshana


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