Client Project – Laundry Room Organization

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization


It has been a while since I have done a good ol’ before-and-after post.  They are my favorite posts on other blogs and if they are about laundry rooms, all the better.  Last year I shared with you my laundry room, to which I have made some changes and I will be sharing soon.  Today I am sharing a client project and I hope you like it!

I started to work on this home a few months ago, one room at a time.  The home was not disorganized but my client wanted the organization to go to another level.  She was pretty sure where things were located, but systems had to be created and labeled and lots of purging had to happen.

When we started with the laundry room, it looked like this.

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization

Here is another view – nothing horrible but it had a lot of potential.

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization

Start with a clean slate.

The first thing we did was remove everything from the shelves.

Keep a donate basket and a trash bin nearby.

Immediately we spotted items that were either expired or my client knew she would never use.  If the items were in good condition they went into a bin for donations.  Many items went into the trash.  You will immediately feel you are making progress by removing these items and you will start to feel “lighter”.

Purchase bins or baskets to contain the items that are staying or find unused bins around the house.

If you can find containers that are the same color, it will help the overall look to be more organized and cohesive.  I purchased some plastic baskets to contain the items that were going to stay.  I found these at Target.  I like baskets with no lids for the laundry area because you are less likely to put back items inside a lidded bin, especially frequently used items.

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization

We knew the luggage had to stay.  It is a great idea to store smaller luggage inside the larger one and reduce the amount of space that they take up.  One basket was designated for batteries and lightbulbs, the other for laundry products, the other for travel toiletries and the last one was miscellaneous.  I will be honest, my least favorite label is “Miscellaneous” because it can turn into a catchall, but sometimes it is necessary if you have a few items that cannot take up a whole basket.

There was enough room to add the laundry basket to the top rack so it wouldn’t have to be on the floor.  My client was going to add the labels after I took the pictures so you will notice they are missing.

Add decorative touches to your laundry room.

Yes, laundry rooms are there to serve a purpose, but adding a few decorations will make doing laundry so much fun!  Just kidding, that won’t happen.  But it will make it a happier spot if you add a cute little plant, or a clock or a laundry printable to your laundry area.

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will share more about this home next week.

Happy Organizing!


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