Client Project – Laundry Room Organization

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization


It has been a while since I have done a good ol’ before-and-after post.  They are my favorite posts on other blogs and if they are about laundry rooms, all the better.  Last year I shared with you my laundry room, to which I have made some changes and I will be sharing soon.  Today I am sharing a client project and I hope you like it!

I started to work on this home a few months ago, one room at a time.  The home was not disorganized but my client wanted the organization to go to another level.  She was pretty sure where things were located, but systems had to be created and labeled and lots of purging had to happen.

When we started with the laundry room, it looked like this.

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization

Here is another view – nothing horrible but it had a lot of potential.

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization

Start with a clean slate.

The first thing we did was remove everything from the shelves.

Keep a donate basket and a trash bin nearby.

Immediately we spotted items that were either expired or my client knew she would never use.  If the items were in good condition they went into a bin for donations.  Many items went into the trash.  You will immediately feel you are making progress by removing these items and you will start to feel “lighter”.

Purchase bins or baskets to contain the items that are staying or find unused bins around the house.

If you can find containers that are the same color, it will help the overall look to be more organized and cohesive.  I purchased some plastic baskets to contain the items that were going to stay.  I found these at Target.  I like baskets with no lids for the laundry area because you are less likely to put back items inside a lidded bin, especially frequently used items.

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization

We knew the luggage had to stay.  It is a great idea to store smaller luggage inside the larger one and reduce the amount of space that they take up.  One basket was designated for batteries and lightbulbs, the other for laundry products, the other for travel toiletries and the last one was miscellaneous.  I will be honest, my least favorite label is “Miscellaneous” because it can turn into a catchall, but sometimes it is necessary if you have a few items that cannot take up a whole basket.

There was enough room to add the laundry basket to the top rack so it wouldn’t have to be on the floor.  My client was going to add the labels after I took the pictures so you will notice they are missing.

Add decorative touches to your laundry room.

Yes, laundry rooms are there to serve a purpose, but adding a few decorations will make doing laundry so much fun!  Just kidding, that won’t happen.  But it will make it a happier spot if you add a cute little plant, or a clock or a laundry printable to your laundry area.

Client Project - Laundry Room Organization

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will share more about this home next week.

Happy Organizing!


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Laundry Room Organization


I love looking at organized laundry rooms in magazines and commercials.  I’m not sure if it’s the fresh white towels, the clean scented sheets, or the little girl running through the wheat field with her hair flowing.  In those adds, all that is stored in the laundry room is a lonely bottle of detergent and two perfectly folded white towels.  As organized as I am, I can never get my laundry closet to look that neat and if that little girl saw all the stuff I pack in my closet…she would surely keep running…in the opposite direction.

My excuse: I don’t have a laundry room, I have a laundry closet.  My goal is to make it look good so that doing laundry doesn’t feel like such a chore, but the closet is definitely packed!  I have so many things in there and it can be a challenge to make it look uber neat.  So here is my laundry closet…


Here it is open.  The other door leads to the garage.


Since its a closet in a small hallway, I had to take pictures in segments so that I can share with you what I keep in there.  Here is one side.


And the other.


Now a little more detail…

I like to leave some room on top of the washer and dryer to fold items right as they come out of the dryer.  On top of the dryer I have stain removal powder, a Martha Stewart book that shows you how to clean anything and everything, a white tin that contains towels, and a little IKEA plant for no purpose other than cuteness. 🙂


I purchased the little mint jar from and it holds oxy powder.  I use a “green” version of the powder.  The jar is intended for kitchen use but I love how it looks in here and it adds charm to the space.  I added the chalkboard label to the outside and wrote the contents in chalk.


Next to it is the LAUNDRY tin, which actually hides all those ugly looking floor rags that we all have.  They seem to get uglier with every wash so I wanted them hidden, yet easily accessible since they get used daily.


Right above is a small shelf that holds my detergent and fabric softener.  Shaklee and Method products are my favorite since my goal is to slowly-but-surely go green in terms of nutrition and home care.


In the first shelf I have these containers that I purchased at Walmart and they hold all the cleaning rags.  Again, I want them handy but hidden.

_MG_7919BLOG _MG_7920BLOG

Next to the small bins, I have all my cleaning products separated by brand or function.  I like that these bins are long and I can just pull them out and easily get what is in the very back.


On the other side of the laundry room I have two large wire baskets (from Target).  One holds miscellaneous laundry related products…


The other one holds cleaning products.  TIP:  Since the second basket is not at eye-level, I decided to label the spray nozzles with the contents of the bottle.  That way I know what bottle I am pulling out.  Since I always purchase the same brand of cleaners I can just keep using the same labeled nozzle.


I hooked this little basket to the back of the wire rack and I keep all my new sponges in there.  I really don’t have a place for them in the kitchen and my laundry closet is close to the kitchen, so it works for me.


In the very side, up against the wall (where it’s hardly visible because it is below the washing machine) I have a tiny garbage can where I throw all the dryer lint.  Above it I have a little pail that I throw pocket change into.  I also have a hook that holds a basket full of “clean-and-single-and-looking-for-a-mate” socks.

_MG_7911BLOG  _MG_7908BLOG

At the very top I have three large laundry baskets.  The area above is large but not easy to access so these baskets hold: gallons of water for hurricane preparedness, empty containers that I have for future projects (blame Pinterest), and one of them is empty just in case I need it for something around the house.


I use foldable laundry baskets and I just place them in between the washer and dryer.  The machines are so close together that the baskets stay in place.


I promise I am almost done but I have one more tip!  I place a valet hook on the outside of the door.  I use it to hang-dry items or to hang shirts while I fold the rest of the laundry so that they don’t wrinkle.  I like this hook because it is long enough to keep moisture away from the door if I hang dry a shirt.

I purchased it on Amazon and you can find it “here”.


That’s it!  Lots of items in a very small space can make it challenging to keep tidy, but its not impossible with the use of containers.  Of course, its not the laundry room in the commercials but this is real life and we need to be realistic with our expectations.  However, by mixing practicality and a dash of decor and you will create a laundry closet that you are proud of.  And now the little girl can run through the wheat field once more!

So now its your turn.  Will you be implementing some of these ideas in your laundry room or can you share with me some of your own?

Happy Organizing!