Client Project – The Makeup Drawer

Client Project - The Makeup Drawer

A few days ago I shared pictures of a laundry room before-and-after, in my client’s home.  Today I am sharing another spot in her home, her makeup drawer.

Here is the before picture.  The biggest problem in the drawer was the amount of things it contained, the items simply didn’t fit in the space.  Some items like the nail polish, we placed in another station along with files and like items.  Then we tackled what was left.

Client Project - The Makeup Drawer


The first step in organizing any space is clearing it out.

Clear out and clean the drawer.  Makeup drawers get really dirty and should be cleaned out periodically.

Secondly, go through all the makeup and decide what can get tossed.

Sometimes we keep makeup that we don’t even like because it is from a good brand. Toss it. Nothing is as valuable as clearing your space and making room for products you truly like.  Also, get rid of items that may have expired.

Find organizers that fit your drawer.

Purchase an acrylic organizer or simply use cardboard jewelry boxes that will fit the space.  Jewelry boxes are great because bracelet boxes are perfect for lip and eye liners and square jewelry boxes are perfect for corralling lipsticks and blushes.  If you want to give them a uniform look, cover them in a pretty gift wrap.

Create categories for your makeup

Place the items back in the drawer and create categories.  Try to place all your blushes in one spot, same for lipsticks, eyeshadows, liners and lip glosses. Having these categories will help you stay organized.

And finally, here is the after!

Client Project - The Makeup Drawer

Last year I organized another client’s makeup drawer, you can check out the before-and-after pictures HERE.

Happy Organizing!


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