Adding Fabric Loops to Towels

Adding Fabric Loops to Towels

Today we are adding fabric loops to towels.  Why?  Well, earlier this week, I shared my mini-project about adding hooks to the boys bathroom so that their towels wouldn’t end up on the floor.  Well, it has been a success but I found a way to make it even better.  Even better than cake.  Well no, not that much better, but you will still like it.

The boys were doing a good job hanging up their towels but they still didn’t look tidy and at times they would slide off if the weight of the towel wasn’t distributed right.  I added loops to their towels and now I can say that I love the result!

I sewed a piece of fabric at the horizontal center of their towels.   It was quite easy and it was only time consuming because of the amount of towels.  But not more time consuming than picking up towels from the floor, thats for sure!

Adding Fabric Loops to Towels


This is how they looked on the towel hooks.

Adding Fabric Loops to Towels

I even did it to their hand towels.  (I found these nautical towels at Homegoods, just in case you are interested)

Adding Fabric Loops to Towels

A small project that makes a big difference!  Love that!

One more thing, IKEA has some towels that already have a sewn-in loop for hanging.  I have not purchased them or checked out the quality, but it’s another option.

Do you struggle to get your kids to put away their bath towels?  Maybe this is a good solution for you too.






  1. Ellen says

    In Sweden (and Ikea of course) the standard is to hang towels on a hook. So almost all towels come with at least one fabric loop when you buy it.

      • Ellen says

        It’s really useful for those of us (that would be me) who are too lazy to put a towel away – I just throw it on the hook…

  2. Lisa says

    Thank you for the Ikea info – I’ve been looking for towels with the loops. I can’t believe it isn’t easily available.

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