Organizing Cookbooks

All my friends know that I love to organize, But I am equally known for my love of eating cooking.  I read cookbooks like one would read novels.  When a favorite chef of mine has a new cookbook coming out, the release date is written on my planner (right next to my cardio gym class suggestions reminders…the irony).  I take this stuff seriously.

Over the years, I have collected so many cookbooks that they were spilling out of my office.  I needed a solution for organizing cookbooks. I knew that I had enough to fill up a bookshelf, so that’s what I did.  There was a little corner in our home, that was perfect for my books.  This spot was close to the kitchen, which made it even better.

Organizing Cookbooks


I found this bookshelf at Target.  I wanted something sturdy but inexpensive.  It’s not like I have kids that jump on furniture!  Scratch that.  I don’t have kids that jump on bookshelves.

Organizing Cookbooks


I started to place all the cookbooks in the bookshelf and I thought that I would have enough room to accessorize the bookshelf and leave some empty space…but nope.  The books took up the whole space.  If you have a ton of books to put away in a bookshelf, try to alternate the placing.  Standing some books, leaning others, and so on…  Break it up so that it is more interesting to look at and not so orderly.  If you do have space, add a picture frame, a book-end, or an accessory on top of a stack of books.

Organizing Cookbooks


I left enough space on top of the bookshelf to look through the books when searching for a recipe.

Organizing Cookbooks


I added some accessories and voila!  My little cookbook corner!

Organizing Cookbooks


Do you also collect cookbooks?  Where do you store them?

Until next time!  I will be cooking up a storm (at the very least, reading about people that do!)




  1. says

    It’s nice to see that I am not the only one with a cookbook obsession. We recently moved and are in the middle of a major renovation so most of my cookbooks are still packed away. It’s killing me to be without them!

  2. Tara says

    hi i found your blog via iheartorganizing link party and ok this question is totally off topic but i love that artwork, where did you get it?


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