Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

Organizing under the kitchen sink and under the bathroom sink is always a challenge due to the plumbing and hoses that you have to work around.  I have shared with you my old system for organizing under the kitchen sink but I now have a new and improved system that I am excited to share with you.

There was nothing essentially “wrong” with my old system but recently I changed some things around in my closet and I was left with an extra shoe rack.  It was a small, narrow rack and I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if it fit under the kitchen sink?”.  I tried it and it was a perfect fit!  There was even enough room to place my cutting boards right beside the rack.  I keep my cutting boards inside a file sorter.

Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

I purchased two small plastic bins at Target.  One bin holds napkins and the other kitchen towels.  I now store all my glass food containers on the second and third shelf of the shoe organizer.  They are so easy to access!

On the cabinet door, I placed a large over the cabinet basket that holds garbage bags and storage bags.  All the additional storage bags and sponges are on the other side of the shoe rack.

On the opposite cabinet door, a grocery bag container holds all my bags – that happen to be all from Target!  :-)  There is a similar one here but most home stores have a version of it available.

Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

What else do you keep under your kitchen sink?  Do you also find it a challenging spot to organize?



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  1. MorganizewithMe says

    What a great way to organize vertically, I love how you set everything up! I need to copy the idea of the over the door holder for garbage sacks.

    • Maria says

      I keep my garbage bin in another cabinet and it is a pull-out. It has a drawer above it which I use for detergent tablets and a mini junk drawer. It grosses me out to have spoons in it since it shares the “airspace” of the garbage. Haha!

      ~ Maria

    • Maria says

      The over-the-cabinet baskets are from Amazon (there is a link you can follow on the post) and the rest of the baskets and the shoe rack are from Target. Hope that helps! :-)

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