Organizing the Kitchen Sink Area

Organizing the Kitchen Sink Area

Let’s talk about organizing the kitchen sink area, shall we?  Does the area around your kitchen sink get a little messy “looking” at times?  I say “messy looking” because sometimes you need all the items that you have out on the counter, so they are not technically out of place, but it can look a bit cluttered.

My first solution for organizing the kitchen sink, is to place all your sink necessities on a narrow plate or small platter.  Once items are grouped, they already look neater.  The second solution is to buy matching bottles.  Find one cleaner that you like and buy all the items from the same brand.  You can even refill the bottles later if you decide to change brands, make your own cleaner, or if you buy the product in bulk sizes.

In this case, I am using cleaners from J.R. Watkins, but sometimes I use all Honest Co. products, Shaklee products, Mrs. Meyers or Method products.  (Most of those are available at Target unless I added a link).  Those are some of my favorite brands and they all have cute packaging.  Cute packaging isn’t a must for cleaning but…I take that back, cute packaging is essential, second to quality but essential nonetheless.  Especially for our little project here, if it is visible, make it pretty.

Another thing that I notice is that really fancy soap bottles that you are supposed to refill, don’t have the best pumps and get jammed all the time.  I prefer  the bottles that already come with the brands I like.


Staples for organizing the kitchen sink area:

  1. Baking Soda.  I keep a little shaker of baking soda because that is what I use to clean my sink at night.  I also use it to clean pots and pans, if they have a little stain here and there.

Organizing the Kitchen Sink Area

2 –  If the sink needs a really good scrub, or the glass stovetop had a bad spill, or a pot has a  stubborn stain, I use this natural scouring paste from Shaklee, called Scour Off.  Like most Shaklee products, this product lasts a long time because you need so little of it when you use it.  It smells divine!

I use this brush to clean my sink, although it’s  really meant for dishes.

Organizing the Kitchen Sink Area


3 – I also keep a cleaner for the counter, hand wash, and dish detergent on the plate.

Organizing the Kitchen Sink Area

4 – Find the tiniest plant in the world and add a little “pretty” to your sink area.  I found this one at Homegoods.

Organizing the Kitchen Sink Area

5 – You need to find a plate large enough to hold all your items.  I found mine at CB2.

Organizing the Kitchen Sink Area

And that’s an organized kitchen sink area!

* In the picture you will notice that my sink has a built in soap dispenser.  I use that one most of the time, and if I run out, I use the one on the plate.

Organizing the Kitchen Sink Area

I hope this post was helpful!  Let me know in the comment area if you already have a similar system.



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  1. Patricia says

    Where and what is that little bowl with the blue thing in it that holds the brush. Love the whole concept. Functional, neat and pretty.

    • Maria says

      Hi Kimberly, I usually apply it to whatever surface (such as my glass top stove, oven, pots or sink) without using water. I rub it in with a scouring sponge, especially around the problem area. Lastly, I rinse with water and wipe dry with a towel. I love how Scour Off is not toxic like other scouring cleaning products. Hope that helps!

      ~ Maria

  2. says

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! Can’t find some of the products that you have mentioned here in Malaysia. Will look for something equivalent but love the way you have organized them all in a platter :). Getting one today!!! :) Thank you so much.


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