Using Ottomans to Store Books

I recently shared pictures of our master bedroom and the master bedroom sitting area.  But do you know what used to keep my room cluttered?  Books!  They were everywhere.  I read a couple of  books at a time, and if I really love the book, I won’t get rid of it.  It becomes like a reference book, or I may even want to re-read it.  Using ottomans to store books in the bedroom is a great way to keep books close, but out of sight.

Using Ottomans to Store Books

Sure, I like pretty books displayed throughout the house.  I like to surround myself with books.  If you are a book lover, I think you understand.  I just don’t want them in piles all over my bedroom, which is a space that I like to relax in.

I found this ottoman at Target earlier this year and I was able to store almost 100 books!  I actually need to go through these and give some away, but I wanted to test the ottoman’s capacity.

Using Ottomans to Store Books


There are different kinds of ottomans, but storage ottomans are my favorite since they perform double-duty!

Using Ottomans to Store Books

I still keep a few books on my nightstand, but now I can see my nightstand.  :-)

Do you have ottomans in your home?  What do you store in them?  Books, Blankets, Games or are they a catch-all when the mother-in-law is on her way (‘cuz that’s a good idea too)?

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for linking your Pinterest board to the Pinsomnia Slumber Party. I have had so much fun looking at everyone’s great boards. Inspired :)

  2. Susan Hudak says

    Maria, your taste is exquisite! Where did you find the scripture
    placques from Ruth and also the wisdom one in your dining room? Also what was your choice of paint color in the bedroom? I am inspired to make
    my home glorifying to God and a haven for others. Thank you, you are a blessing. Susan

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