Master Bedroom Sitting Area

Master Bedroom Sitting Area

Many newer construction homes have large master bedrooms.  So large, that there is plenty of space for a sitting area.  When we purchased our home, I was happy with the size of the master bedroom, but I knew that it wasn’t large enough for a master bedroom sitting area.  There was only space for a dresser and a television, in addition to the bed and night stands.  I thought that if I could find large enough night stands, I could forego the dresser.  That’s exactly what we did, when we found these…

Master Bedroom Sitting Area

It still did not replace a dresser, but it made it possible to do without it.  I also needed to find a small couch.  I didn’t want to crowd the room or make it look like we were stuffing a piece of furniture in a space that clearly did not call for it.  I found this couch and chair and I loved that they were armless.  Armless furniture creates less visual bulk, and allows for furniture to be placed close together.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area

We purchased the chair in a print so that it wouldn’t look too “matchy” but honestly, I wouldn’t do that again because it did tie me into a color scheme.  If I had purchased it in a neutral tone, like the couch, I could have simply changed the pillows for a new look.  Don’t get me wrong, these pieces are more than 10 years old and I still like them very much!

The bedroom is decorated in neutral tones, with pops of coral.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area

This lamps and shades are from Target.  I purchased two of these shades (that were on clearance, bonus!) so that I could tie together the floor lamp with the one on the side-table.  This floor lamp used to be black and it was in my son’s room.  I spray painted it gold, and now it works in my room.  (You can’t see the gold stripe going through the floor lamp shade, due to the light.)

If you have mix-matched lamp bases, you can still tie the look together with matching shades.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area

Do I miss the dresser?  At times.  It was always our goal to customize our closets so that we would have extra space and so far my closet is done and my husband’s is next.  Having drawers in my closet really helped!

I do love having a little sitting area to read, chat with my husband, or simply tie my shoes.

Is there an area in your home that was initially too small for your “vision” but you still made it work?

See you soon!



  1. Jasi says

    We don’t use a dresser either. We have a closet system with two drawers each for underthings and the rest gets folded or hung.


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