Elegant Fall Tablescape

Hello friends!  Missed me?  I’ve missed you, but it’s been so hectic around here that I had to take a small blogging break or start posting for the sake of posting, which is never what I wanted to do.  So I took a break and it was great and it was needed.  Sometimes we just need a little break from things so that we can later re-connect with renewed energy and ideas.  Blogging can be so much fun and so much work but it’s incredibly rewarding and that’s why bloggers pull up to their keyboards time and time again.  Thank you to my  Graceful Order friends for sticking with me for the last 3 years, for all the likes and all the shares and all the sweet comments – thank you!

I actually only meant to be away for the summer as my boys were home but then August came around and then September and as I was bringing down the autumn stuff from my garage, I thought “I need to share this with my friends!”  Then I started photographing and it was so much fun again!  Throughout this week I will be sharing posts about Autumn.  Expect lots of orange and brown and pumpkins and pie!

I will start with one of my favorite things to do which is decorating the table!

Elegant Fall Tablescape

I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and I intend to leave the table set like this for the remainder of the month.  No fear, I will wash the dishes so that no one is eating dusty turkey!   I am using these gorgeous dishes that I picked up last year at Williams-Sonoma in their after Thanksgiving sale.  I ordered some online and when they ran out, I drove to the store to pick up the rest.  I did pick up a few extras just in case one breaks, the set doesn’t fall apart.  By the way, should that happen, you can always set the two end place settings in a solid coordinating color.

Elegant Fall Tablescape

I love having a large table.  Well, usually I love it.  One challenge that I have is finding a tablecloth that will fit.  I have priced out getting one custom-made and they are so expensive!  A quick search on Amazon led me to this tablecloth, which has the right length and width for my table – 70 x 144.  In the past, even when I can find a tablecloth that is 144 in long. it was usually 60 in wide, which leaves the side of my table short on fabric.  This one was perfect.

Elegant Fall Tablescape

The centerpiece is a swag that is meant to hang on a wall.  I just placed some gourds around it to make it feel full and bountiful – just as Thanksgiving should be.

Elegant Fall Tablescape

I also placed some faux candles on the table.  That way I don’t have to worry about any scents competing with the food or any candles dripping on the table.  These candles are the most realistic I have found to date.  I have quite a few of them throughout my home.  They are perfect for mantles and hard to reach areas where it’s a pain to light a candle; they are safer, too.

Elegant Fall Tablescape

As a finishing touch are the mini pumpkin bowls which I will use to serve butternut squash soup for Thanksgiving dinner.  I have seen a few version of these bowls and they are all adorable.  Just make sure that they are oven-safe so that you can keep soup warm in the oven, while you do last-minute things, before dinner is served.

Elegant Fall Tablescape

I hope you love how the table turned out.  I love that I get to enjoy it all month and not just for Thanksgiving.  I would love to know how you decorate your table.  What colors do you decorate your home with during the fall season?  Browns, oranges or more shabby chic with white and ivory shades?

See you all in a few days when I share fall decorated living room!  It’s nice to be back!


Decorating the Table for Fall

Decorating the Fall Table FB


The hot pink and bright blues are gone and it’s fall y’all!  I can hardly believe that I am already bringing down the bins from the garage labeled “FALL”.  I love the warm colors of fall and like I have mentioned before, I live in Florida and it always looks like summer over here.  But inside the house, we can create a fall atmosphere with a little yellow and a dash of orange.

My fall table last year was really simple and I used some faux florals to decorate.  While the faux florals will last all season, these pretty roses went on sale at Whole Foods and well…how much will power am I supposed to have?!  I had already said no to buying the organic chocolate that they were sampling.  I did say yes to the sample, by the way.  I’m not that crazy.

Decorating the Table for Fall


I didn’t have a tablecloth that would work with this color scheme, so I purchased fabric from Walmart and folded it lengthwise and created a runner.  No sewing = win!

Decorating the Table for Fall


These orange goblets are from Crate and Barrel , I purchased them online on clearance!  They were less than half of their original price.  I don’t know about you but I always go straight to the sale/clearance items in a store or online.  Sometimes the items on sale are not that nice (and that’s why they are on clearance) but there are times when you can find items that went out of season but not style, like these.

Tip:  I always purchase an extra plate or goblet just in case one breaks, I still have a set intact.

Decorating the Table for Fall

In the picture below, I added a pretty white pumpkin which would make this setting perfect for Thanksgiving.   I only have one pumpkin like this (which I picked up at Target) but last year I showed you some inexpensive ones that I have a full set of.  Either way, pumpkin or no pumpkin – this would work for Thanksgiving.

Decorating the Table for Fall


I used a maize color napkin that I have had for years and they launder beautifully.  I purchased these at World Market , they usually have a great selection of color for their napkins.  Remember to take advantage of online reviews because they will tell you things like “these napkins shrink when washed” or “they lose their color”.  I have avoided lots of dud purchases by reading reviews.  Plus, I am horrible at returning items so I would rather read than return.

Fall Table Setting Pic


And how beautiful are these flowers?  In a few days I will show you how easily I put together the arrangement.  If I could, I would have fresh flower arrangements in every room, even the bathroom!  I know that they are an added unnecessary expense but they certainly complete the table.  I used roses and hydrangeas this time, but I usually buy whatever bundle is on sale.

Decorating the Table for Fall


I had leftover roses so I made 2 tiny arrangements for either side of the table.  It would also be pretty to have these little arrangements down the length of the table instead of a large centerpiece.

Decorating the Table for Fall


I have these gold and white fruit that I purchased last year at Target and I scattered them down the center of the table.

Decorating the Table for Fall

I know that in less than a week I will have to change out the centerpiece when the flowers wilt but I will enjoy their fragrance and beauty in the meantime.  As soon as I change out the centerpiece, I will let you know what I come up with.  Don’t you love decorating for fall?

This year I am happy to be part of Stringtown Home’s annual “Harvest Tour of Homes” where some amazing bloggers share their harvest home ideas.  There are recipes, decor, crafts…you name it!  I am planning to stop by all of them and I hope you will too.  Let them know that you are visiting from Graceful Order.

Have a blessed season everyone!  

Decorating the Table for Fall

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White and Gold Thanksgiving Table Setting

White and Gold Thanksgiving Table Setting


Last week I shared an easy and quick Thanksgiving table setting.  Today, I am sharing another option that will take a little longer, but the results are worth it.  This white and gold Thanksgiving table setting is elegant yet earthy and thanksgiving-ey and beautiful-er.  Okay so I can’t adorn the English language but I can set a mean table.  Let’s dive in.

White and Gold 2


As I shared in the post about updating the dining room, our dining room table is more formal than I would like.  I love it but I am always trying to dress it down to match the rest of the house.  It’s just that when you have kids, a mirror-finish dining table can be a little scary.  Ya know what I mean?

So I look for ways to marry fancy and less fancy.  Hence the white wooden pumpkin on the gold pedestal.  I found this beauty at Homegoods and I knew it would be a great centerpiece.

White and Gold 7

Our table is really long so I usually like long displays throughout the table, instead of an actual singular centerpiece.  I “shopped” my house and Target (they essentially look the same since I shop there so often) and I pulled items together to create mini-vignettes throughout the table.  The gold coral pedestal is actually an upside-down tea light holder from ZGallerie.


White and Gold 5


Here is another similar arrangemt.

White and Gold 6


I love the contrast of the casual rattan placemat, the fancy gold-rimmed plate, the casual print napkin and the fancy white and gold pumpkin (that were only a dollar, by the way).

The gold candleholder in the background is from ZGallerie and it holds an Erin Condren candle.

White and Gold 4


One full look at the table.  I think it came together great.  I have to decide between this look and last weeks table setting.  What do you think?

White and Gold 3


Feeling Thankful,


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