Let’s Organize 2015

Let's Organize 2015

A new year!  Whether you are one to write down resolutions in multiple lists, or just a short list behind your calendar, or even if you are re-using last years list since it’s still not checked off as done!  Not that I would know a thing about unresolved resolutions…Ahem!

Even with a blog about organization, I need more organization!  Sometimes blogging about organizing can be kinda messy.  :-)  I also have some fitness “goals” for myself this year that include new eating habits.  I want to be at a weight that I feel comfortable at and over this past year I have put on some pounds that are literally weighing me down.  Excess weight can be similar to clutter.  I don’t have any unrealistic goals and I won’t to do some crazy diet.  I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes and be intentional with my food choices.  I already eat organic and natural food at home, but I need to be honest about the other stuff I am consuming when I go out.  Fitness is a focal point for me in 2015.

Let's Organize 2015

This year I am less about “goals and resolutions” and more about good habits.  Don’t get me wrong, goals are great but I am more in need of better habits and that will take time and commitment to create.

There are some good habits that I want to create for my home as well.  I want to continue doing my morning home routine and my evening routine because they simplify my life.  I also want to buy less items for the home this year, especially the impulse buys.  I donate so many items that are barely used.  How many black pants do I really need?  How many throw pillows?  How many trays?  I always encourage you to purge items that you don’t need and I do the same in my home.  But the fact is, I wouldn’t have so many items to purge if I made better purchasing decisions to begin with.  I am also a sucker for clearance sales so I end up buying items that I don’t love just because they are on sale.  That is something that I intend to change this year.

Let's Organize 2015

I would love for us to accomplish some weekly organizing tasks together that are manageable and 100% guilt-free (who needs more guilt?…not I).  If you don’t get around to them in the timeframe given it’s ok, just catch up when you can.  The goal is not to live in a perfect home that looks like it isn’t lived in.  The goal is to create a space that shows pride and contentment in our surroundings.  Not a place where you can’t put your feet up on a table, but a space that makes you want to put your feet up.  Don’t worry, the tasks will be easy and manageable and you will customize them to your family’s needs and routines.

I hope that you are on board with the 2015 Home Organizing Challenge and that it brings more joy and peace into your life and home.  We are starting this week so stay tuned!

Are ya with me?! What are your objectives this year?