So you Haven’t Ordered Christmas Cards

Your super organized friend had their Christmas cards addressed and stamped the weekend after Thanksgiving, huh?  Well, I’m pretty organized but that was certainly not me this year.  I usually like to take the boy’s Christmas pictures in October, which gives me plenty of time to choose the cards and have them mailed to me, but this year it was the first week of November and no pictures had been taken.  So I went to a local pumpkin patch and the day that they were hauling away the pumpkins, I had the boys stand in front of an old tractor and snapped away.  I was careful to avoid the orange landscape a foot away!  The boys kept telling me through their smiles “let’s get out of here, mom!”  So I got my shots AND embarrassed the boys – double fun!

christmas cards

I decided to order my cards from Tiny Prints, like I did last year and the year before that and so on…  I have never had a problem with that company and every year they have even cuter cards!  What do you think of this barnyard-style card?  Perfect for the tractor picture, right?

christmas cards

But what if you didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch and turkey day went by and still no holiday photo?  Well, you can always choose a design that does not involve a photo, or you can choose to send out a Happy New Years cards, instead.  Of course you don’t have to send out cards at all but I absolutely love sending and receiving cards during this season.  I am happy to say that this year I have received more cards than ever before!

Totally unrelated to cards but totally related to saving time, check out this wrapping paper that is already personalized with your family name!  So stinkin’ cute!  I also picked it up at Tiny Prints.  I only ordered one roll because I wanted to check out the quality and because I like to use all kinds of prints for Christmas, but it was a winner!

gift wrap

Lastly, I ordered a few notebooks for the boy’s teachers, which I will pair with a nice box of chocolates.  There is something so special about personalized items.

notebook christmas

Whether you send out cards or not, have no fear and have no guilt.  I just wanted to send you a little reminder that it’s not too late if you choose to do it and you can send out New Years wishes, instead.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and don’t forget to enjoy your family.  Christmas goes by so fast that you have to be intentional about being “present”.



  1. Bonnie Jean says

    I am Scottish and celebrate Christmas from December 25th thru January 6th which is also known as Celtic Christmas or Three Kings Day or Epiphany. We actually celebrate the “Christmas Season” from Thanksgiving to mid-January with decorating traditions and plenty of time… TIME… to enjoy family and friends in various ways. We spread out the joy as long as possible and I work on cards until the end of December … those not finished get New Year’s Cards and letters. So everyone is covered whether I am “on time” or not… I kind of like the idea of Ebenezer Scrooge… “I shall keep Christmas in my heart every day!” Why not ??? We all love getting mail that is not bills… so keep the cards coming “late” or not.

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