The Spring Table

The Spring Table

If you follow me on Instagram then you know it’s no secret that I love tablescapes and flowers.  Every time that I host a get together, I think of the table setting before even planning the menu.  I actually like to set my table 1 or 2 days in advance so that I can choose and move pieces around without being in a rush.

Even when I am not hosting an event, I try to set a pretty table for us to enjoy, although we rarely sit in the dining room for weekday meals – we usually sit in our kitchen table.  Many times I will have a versatile faux arrangement (usually just greenery) as the centerpiece and I change around my chargers and plates to create a different look.  I will leave that out for a month or so and then remove everything, throughly clean the table and start again.

My favorite table settings are when the flowers go on sale at the market and I can really get creative.  Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s tend to have reasonable prices for quality flowers.  Sometimes they will have a “Value bouquet” that you can purchase 2 of and create a really full and interesting arrangement.

Below is the arrangement and table setting that I set up for spring – fun, bright and romantic.


The Spring Table

What I love about the mixed value bouquets is that they usually include at least 3 types of flowers that you can mix with some roses and create something really special at home.  Something that looks like it came out of a magazine.


The Spring Table

The rest of the table was a nod to the flowers.  I chose the napkins and plates in Spring colors that would complement the flowers.  I love having an assortment of linens to choose from when it’s time for dressing the table.  These napkins were less than 2 dollars a piece (from Sur La Table) and they really play off the yellow flowers.

I added 2 egg wreaths to cage some candles since I may keep this setting throughout Easter.  If I change it again, I will be sure to share it with you!


The Spring Table

Because my table is so formal (more than I would like) I add earthy elements like the woven charger and the terra-cotta napkin ring, to make the table setting more dimensional.  Also, because the rest of my home is no longer as formal, I like to add casual touches to this formal space.

Although most of my dinnerware is white, I do have a few colorful accent pieces that I can use throughout the year.  Usually it’s accent plates which take up less room to later store.  These rope design blue plates were found at Homegoods.  The dinner plates underneath are white with a green border and a gold rim.  They are from Williams-Sonoma and I purchased them on clearance after their Easter sale last year.  I love those clearance buys because while these plates were considered “Easter” plates to them, they are simple enough to be used in almost any tablescape – Christmas, Mother’s Day and even Thanksgiving.

Don’t shy away from the “expensive” stores as they sometimes have steep sales that can help you build your entertaining inventory.  If you don’t have the space or desire to have a bunch of plates, simple white dinnerware is beautiful.  Just be sure to purchase a few extra plates to account for breakage over the years.  White dinnerware is classic, timeless and food looks great on a white backdrop.

The Spring Table

These green cups have been in my arsenal for over 15 years.  They were on a mega-clearance and I purchased like 15 of them, thinking that a few may break over the years.  All 15 are still standing – so to speak.

The Spring Table

Of course, these flowers will eventually wilt and I won’t create this sort of arrangement weekly (although I wish I could!) but then I will keep the rest of the table setting and replace the flowers with a faux arrangement or some other less-opulent flower combo.  Nonetheless, I enjoy having them while they last.  I love walking by the dining room everyday and having a pretty table to greet me and my family.

Ready for some more Spring love and ideas?  Hometalk is hosting a #DIYMySpring Blog Hop and you will love all the inspiration!  

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  1. says

    I love creating tablescapes too! I love the gorgeous flower arrangement you did. I wish fresh flowers would last longer than a week. Enjoy them! Great tablescape for spring!

  2. says

    A girl after my own heart! I love a thoughtfully set table. Those roses are beautiful, and I really like how you layered the place settings. Very pretty!

  3. says

    Hi Maria, like you, I love to collect table setting stuff. I’m a sucker for lovely linens, plates and the like.
    You have created a lovely Easter table using the flowers as your inspiration. I love how you layered your plates to capture all the different textures and colors. Just lovely!

    have a wonderful day,

    Hugs, Lynn

    • Maria says

      Thank you so much Lynn! I am always looking out for new items to add to my collection. If they are on sale, even better!

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