Organizing the Fridge

Organizing the Fridge

We are organizing the fridge…again.  My fridge stays fairly organized until the holidays.  During the holidays every system that I have in place goes out the window and the priority becomes making space for the ham or the casserole.  This is how my fridge looked after hosting Thanksgiving, a Christmas Day brunch, a small New Year’s party and a New Year’s Day brunch.  My fridge needed some love (and soap!).

The picture below was taken at night so the lighting is horrible.  I wasn’t intentionally trying to make the before pic look bad.  Totally off-topic, but isn’t it funny how people always have to look miserable in those before pics before they start a diet?  They are never smiling.  Can’t they also be happy pre-diet?

But I digress.

Organizing the Fridge

So the next morning I decided to empty my fridge and give it a good clean.  I spot clean the fridge all the time, but sometimes deep cleaning is necessary, and this was one of those times.  Almost all the drawers, bins and shelves in my refrigerator are removable and they are easy to clean.  I am always surprised how much food falls through the back of the bins in between cleanings.

Once the refrigerator was clean, I added some FridgeCoasters to line every bin and shelf.  I have been purchasing these for years and they really help to keep the fridge clean from spills and (almost more importantly) they are so cute!  I change them out every year and chose a new color.  This year I ordered 2 different colors (gray and blue) and I think I will do that from now on because I love how they look!

Note:  There is a FridgeCoaster giveaway and discount code at the end of this post!

Organizing the Fridge

When the fridge is empty is a great opportunity to move the shelves (if adjustable) to the best positioning for the items that you purchase.  So many times we leave things the way that the manufacturer placed them, instead of taking advantage of the adjustable shelving.

Once the shelves are where I want them, I add all the food back.  I had not shopped for our regular food items for a few weeks, since I was making space for all the food I needed during the holidays.

Organizing the Fridge

I also added fridge bins to my deli drawer.  I am a big fan of these bins but only for the items that you purchase again and again.  They have some that are perfect for placing little juice boxes, but if you rarely buy those for your kids, then it will be another bin taking up space in your fridge.  Only buy the ones that will be used every time.

Organizing the Fridge

I did get rid of a few condiments that were expired and I tried to put back the good ones into the fridge with like items.  Fun fact – I don’t even like mustard.  I do use it for cooking sometimes but my husband is a mustard fan and apparently he has enough to last for the rest of 2016.

Organizing the Fridge

One thing that I purchase frequently is asparagus.  I always keep a wide-mouth cup with a little water to store it and it seems to last longer.  Also, I like that I see it and it doesn’t get lost in the crisper bin until it’s past it’s time.

Organizing the Fridge

This refrigerator model originally came with 2 bins on this side and a butter bin (the one with the little retractable door).  I eventually got rid of that butter bin since I prefer to keep my butter in the deli drawer and I ordered another regular-sized bin online.  There are a few websites that you can input your appliance model/serial number and then choose what you would like to purchase.  In this case, I added the top bin that I use for chicken stock cartons.

Organizing the Fridge

Another shot of this organized fridge so that I can at least document that once upon a time all the cans faced forward.

Organizing the Fridge

I know that not everyone keeps oranges in the refrigerator but since I often juice them, I like to keep them cold.  Also, I keep a bin within the drawer to separate items.  Otherwise, everything in that big drawer ends up mixed.  Also, this keeps produce from getting damaged by heavier items.

Organizing the Fridge

I have a fridge bin in the very top dedicated to defrosting meat.  This will avoid so many yucky spills!  Next to it, I have a small turntable that I place all my jellies and jams.  You know that I am a big fan of turntables and they are even great for the refrigerator.

Organizing the Fridge

Here is a closeup of the deli drawer.  There is so much butter and cheese that was left over from the holidays!  I can’t possibly consume that much leftover cheese?  Just kidding.  I can and I will.  Then I will go on a diet, but not before taking a before picture with a miserable look on my face. 🙂

Organizing the Fridge

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  1. Stacey says

    Thanks for the Fridge coaster idea, those are easier I’m sure to pull out and clean when needing to wipe a spill than having to pull a whole bin.

    • Maria says

      Hi Stacey! The coasters are extremely absorbent but they do eventually get dirty and have to be replaced. I only do it once a year and it keeps my fridge free of spills. When I change my fridge water filter, I change them too.

  2. Julie says

    I’m so glad you posted this! I spent a half hour this morning searching Amazon for fridge liners and the only hits I got were either plain white or kind of ugly. I kept thinking “I know I’ve seen cuter options than this!” Once I saw your post, I searched instead for Fridge Coasters and there they were!

  3. April Lopez says

    I love these. We recently had to purchase a new fridge and I’ve worked hard to keep it looking pretty and organized. These would be wonderful!!!

  4. says

    This is motivating me to clean up our fridge! My husband does most of the cooking in our house – so I’ll have to run it by him first 😉 Great post!!

  5. MorganizewithMe says

    1-How can you not like mustard? 2-I LOVE the presentation of the asparagus! 3-The defrosting bin, genius, need to do this ASAP.

  6. refashionablylate says

    Your fridge looks great! I LOVE the organization! I’m in total organization mode and getting a new fridge and would love have some help keeping my fridge organized! I love the FridgeCoaster products!

  7. Jennifer V says

    You have the same fridge as me and I’m always looking for new creative ways to stay organized. I love the turntable idea in the fridge. I have a spare one and I’m totally giving it a try.

  8. Mallory R says

    That is a great idea to move the shelves around. I need to do that more often. Great way to utilize the space.

  9. Vick says

    Nice fridge clean up – I just tried to do the same, but my fridge is way too small. Getting rid of excess is the only answer. The problems of apartment living…

  10. says

    LOL!!! You have the same mustard issue as us! I did this fridge post a little while ago and had to actually add labels to my fridge to contain the mustard. Insanity!
    And I just realized I completely forgot to mention the fridge coasters and the lazy susan…oops! Although, I’m beginning to not love the lazy susan. We still have too much stuff so things fall overboard when you spin it. 🙁

    • Maria says

      Thank you, Kerry. I just saw your post and I love the before and after pictures and how you labeled your bins! Also, the website that I purchased the extra drawer from is and I don’t know if they ship outside of the U.S.

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