HGTV Feature – Small Spaces

When I started this blog almost 3 years ago, I thought it may just be a space where I could journal my progress with decorating and organizing my own home.  I thought maybe a handful of friends would like it, and perhaps even be inspired by it.  My close friends and family supported me and told me how awesome the blog was even though my photography was terrible at the time (it still needs work) and I had no idea what I was doing (that still needs work, too) — they saw potential in this little blog beyond what I could see myself.  Granted, I still see this as a “little blog” and I am incredibly grateful to all of you who tune in to my projects and take the time to comment and share on your social channels…seriously, thank you!!  Blogging can be a lot of work and the published post itself is only part of the iceberg of a blogger’s daily tasks.  Maybe soon I will share more on that.  My point is that you all make the work worthwhile.  Your encouragement never goes unnoticed!

You already know that I am super long-winded and I wanted to say all that before sharing with you that this past weekend a Graceful Order project was featured online on HGTV.  I am so excited!  The post also featured other bloggers and super cool ideas, but I am grateful to be among those names!  It was a post about creative ways to use small spaces which is a favorite topic of mine.  My bathroom was highlighted since my sink area is tiny, and I use small shelves to make up for the lack of space.

HGTV Bathroom Wall

Here is the full post so that you can see the other awesome ideas for maximizing small spaces!  Enjoy and know that you are part of any triumph that I may have in this little corner of the web called Graceful Order.




    • Maria says

      Those shelves are from Target but I purchased them years ago and I haven’t seen them again. Amazon has similar ones that I tagged in the original post. You may also want to check out Home Depot.

  1. Karen says

    Would you happen to have the dimensions of those shelves. My bathroom vanity is almost identical and they would be perfect! Trying to find shelves as close to those as possible 😉

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