Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

I don’t use a whole lot of makeup but I do like to have the right tools for the job.  Makeup brushes over time get dirty and need cleaning and I wanted to share my easy method of cleaning makeup brushes.

We all know that you can buy brush cleaners and if your brushes are really dirty then maybe that’s the way to go.  However, when my brushes are just lightly dirty, I use a simple method to clean them with an item that you may already have at home – baby shampoo.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes


Here is how I clean my brushes.

  1.  I wet the brush head under the running faucet with warm water.  Be careful to wet them pointing down so that water doesn’t go into the handle.  If water goes into the handle, it can later cause the bristles to come loose and that will ruin your brush.

  2.  I place a dot of baby shampoo on my hand and I slowly swish the brush in my hand to loosen the makeup.

  3.  I place the brush back under the running water and carefully press on the bristles which will spread them slightly.  It is important to do this carefully so that your brush does not lose it’s shape after drying.  You may have to repeat step 2 and 3 in order to really clean the brush from makeup buildup.

  4.  I gently dry the brush with a towel, also being careful to keep the shape of the brush.

  5.  I lay the brushes flat on the sink counter, allowing the brush head to hang over into the sink.  Do not stand them up before they are dry because water will travel into the handle which will ruin your brush over time.

Once dry, I place them in an acrylic cup full of beads, just like the fancy makeup store.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes


One last tip:  I find great makeup brushes at Marshalls (the ones in the picture are from there) or TJMaxx so check those stores out before shelling out the big bucks at the makeup stores.

Hope you have a great week, friends!


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    *GASP* I am pinning this RIGHT NOW (and doing it when I get home). Having a fairly new infant I have plenty of baby shampoo to go around, I never considered using it to clean my brushes! I hate the idea of a dirty brush now I am so eager to do it. Thanks for sharing this at Welcome Home Wednesday!

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    Thanks for this great cleaning idea! I’m now cleaning my makeup cabinet and reorganizing it to be handy for the holidays. Finding a good recipe for cleaning my brushes was the next on my list your post gave me a good idea. Thank you for sharing!

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