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Did you tackle your kitchen this past week with our Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen printable?  Well today I have a new printable for you and a new set of tasks.  We are deep cleaning the bathrooms this week.

We all have our cleaning rituals and it is so easy to forget spots that need attention, so I attached a list to help you stay on track.


Spring Cleaning in the Bathroom

1- Get rid of clutter inside cabinets and drawers.

2- Throw away expired cosmetics.

3- Shake out bathroom rugs and wash them.

4- Wash Towels and all bathroom linen.

5- Clean Toilets and don’t forget to clean behind the toilet, the flush handle and all the other crevices.

6- Scrub tub and shower area.

7- Clean sinks and counters.

8- Clean and shine faucets.

9- Wipe down the outside and inside of bathroom cabinets.

10- Wash shower curtain.

11- Remove trash from bathroom and clean the trash can.  Tip:  I always leave extra garbage bags in the bottom of all our trashcans to make it easier to replace the bags.

12- Clean mirrors with a glass cleaner.

13- Clean doors and doorknobs

14- Clean baseboards and moldings.

15- Sweep and mop floors.


Below is a free printable to help you along.  You can check the tasks as you complete them or just place this sheet in your bathroom as a cleaning reference.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Printable


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    Thank you for this post, Maria! In fact, bathroom is not my favorite part of spring cleaning. I like to skip it very often. But thanks to your article I felt inspired ti begin a new “bathroom adventure” this week. I know it will be a Fall cleaning but it doesn’t matter. Every season is a good season for cleaning! Wish you good luck!


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