Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets


A few days ago we organized the laundry room and I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for organizing laundry closets for those of you (like me) that have a smaller area to work with.

Use vertical space for storage by adding shelves.

When we purchased our home, the laundry closet had one shelf above the washer and dryer.  We added an additional two shelves to maximize the storage right up to the ceiling.  This made a huge difference and using wire racks was an economical way to make the space more useful.

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets

Use the side walls for extra storage.

I added a few small shelves and two-tiered baskets to hold more products and for little decorative touches.  I added these metal adhesive labels just for decoration.

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets

Add a clothesline to dry small items.

I added this retractable clothesline to dry tank tops and some other pieces that tend to shrink in the dryer.

In the corner, you can also see that I hang my cleaning gloves from a hook and a clip.  They dry faster and they are out of the way.

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets


Add a drying bar.

The clothesline that I added doesn’t hold larger pieces of clothing and I have literally used every corner of this little green closet.  I added a shelf with hooks on the adjacent wall to hold shirts that are meant to hang-dry.

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets


The hooks are from the Young House Love line.  They have the cutest hooks and shelves.


Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets

Add a mini trash can.

I found this small trash can at Target and it is perfect to throw away dryer lint or little wrappers that I find in the boys pants before washing.

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets

Add storage for loose change.

These little buckets from the Target dollar section, hang from a hook and they hold change, buttons and clothespins.

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets

Keep extra hangers in closet.

Rid your master closet from all the extra hangers and bring them into your laundry room.  I keep kid and adult hangers in the laundry closet to make putting away laundry easier and also for drying damp items in the drying hook as soon as I take them out of the dryer.

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets


Decorate your laundry closet.

A small space like a closet, is a great space to try a wall color that you love but don’t want to commit to putting in a main living area.  If you change your mind about the color, it is quick and inexpensive to change in the future.  Add matching baskets that are functional to give your space a cohesive and bright feel.  Although my baskets are not all the same, they are all white and they brighten up a space that is otherwise in a pretty dark corner.

Tips for Organizing Laundry Closets

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  1. chris aka monkey says

    amazing how much is in there because you organized it so well plus it is pretty to look at also nice job xx

  2. Diana says

    Saw your post on I Heart Organizing. This laundry space is so springy and pretty! You did a wonderful job!

    • Maria says

      They are from the Young House Love line at Target but they discontinued them. :-( I think that Home Depot is now carrying some of their hooks.

  3. Addie says

    Love this space! Fantastic – found you through iheartorganizing and I will now be following you! I just tried searching for that awesome garbage can on Target but couldn’t find it. Could you please let me know what the brand is?

    • Maria says

      Thank you!! There is a sticker under the basket that says “Desk Wastebasket”. It doesn’t have a brand name on the sticker other than “Target”.

  4. says

    I love what you’ve done with this small space! It’s amazing how much organization and decor go hand in hand.
    Also, I have to say, that color is fab! It’s a classic shade but it looks so Fresh and Modern the way you have it!

    Great job!

  5. says

    I am completely obsessed with your laundry room makeover!!! I just organized mine, but now I want to redo it! Where did you find the tall white containers? Love, love, love the way you decorated your space. I’m thinking a few decorations in mine will make it more fun to do laundry. Maybe…

  6. Ellen says

    I love the sign/painting with the birds and the word Home – where did you find it??? It’s so cute. :)

  7. Wendy Otero says

    This is exactly how I want to finish my laundry makeover! Could you please tell me where you got the wire racks from. I mean the large ones on the wall. TIA

    • Maria says

      Hi Wendy, the rack on the wall was a purchase from Homegoods (I think) but I purchased it many years ago. I have seen a similar one at Home Depot.

  8. Colleen says

    I am a little late here, but love what you’ve done. My laundry closet is exactly the same size and colour! I wanted to know the depths of your back three wire racks… looks like the bottom is 12 inches and then above maybe 8 inches and even smaller at the very top? Thanks for the ideas!!

    • Maria says

      I just measured them and the bottom one is 16 inches, which works for me because I sometimes rest a laundry basket in the very center of the shelf. The others are both 12 inches, although the top one seems to be a different brand so the lip is thinner (I think that’s why it appears smaller in the picture). Hope that helps and let me know if you have any more questions or you need me to measure anything else. :-)

  9. Elisa Miller says

    Hi Maria,

    Could you tell me where you purchased the 1,2,3,4 caddy for the honest cleaning bottles? Thanks!