Organizing Tips for Girls’ Rooms

Organizing Tips for Girls' Rooms
I have two boys and I am not exactly the authority on organizing all-things-girlie but I do have a few tips to share, after all I was an organized little girl once. 

Here are five tips for organizing girls rooms:

1- Designate a dress-up station.

Little kids love to dress up, especially girls.  Hooks on the wall can hold costumes and canvas bins underneath can hold the accessories.

2- Designate an area for dolls

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to place dolls.  You can even label the pockets with the doll name.  That way they each have their spot.  You can attach the organizer to the side of a closet, a dresser or behind a door.  A second organizer can also be used for the dollies accessories.

3- Sort through all the clothing.  

Little girls (and big girls) love their clothing.  It’s surprising how many times we keep items that are not being worn just because we like them or we are used to seeing them in the closet.  Constantly reassess what stays and what goes.  Having a ton of clothing crammed in the closet or a drawer is overwhelming for you and for her.  Ask yourself if the item fits, does she like it, will she wear it again?  With every item think “keep” or “donate” and make neat piles on the bed until you have gone through everything.  This way you know that what goes back inside the drawers or closet, deserves to be there.

I use these dividers for the kid’s clothing and even my husband’s t-shirts.  They are not inexpensive but I love how durable they are, so I just buy a few at a time.

Organizing Tips for Girls' Rooms

4- Designate stations for play time.

Use bins to organize tea sets, legos, toys and learning tools.  Also try to choose bins that still have a bit of room left inside. Bins that are full to the brim will likely spill out and they are tricky to get items back inside.  You have to make clean-up easy for kids.

5 – Organize jewelry or hair accessories.

Go through all the accessories and toss the ones that have lost stones, have lost their pair or your little girl has outgrown.  There is no use in organizing items that should be given or thrown away.  Then organize what is left in a plastic insert inside a drawer.  I found the organizer below at the Target closet section.

Organizing Tips for Girls' Rooms


So yeah, I don’t have little girls but I was a little girl once upon a time and I remember how I loved to retreat into my room and color-code my closet and organize my drawers and play for hours.

~ Maria


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