Organizing Chunky Necklaces

Organizing Chunky Necklaces

Storing or Organizing chunky necklaces is challenging, at least it was for me.  I don’t wear too much jewelry but I do like statement pieces.  I own large rings and I love how a chunky necklace can elevate any outfit.  I have had a standup jewelry case for years and although it works for some of my jewelry, my necklaces were becoming a tangled mess.

Since I had some empty wall space in my closet, I decided  to dedicate that area to my necklaces.  The first thing I did was purchase this tie rack on Amazon and that took care of most of my necklaces.  A tie rack is perfect because it has so many spots to place necklaces individually.

I then added some mix-matched hooks from the Young House Love line at Target.  I don’t think Target stores carry them anymore but they still have a few here online.

Organizing Chunky Necklaces

One of the hooks was perfect for small chains.

Organizing Chunky Necklaces

And of course, like with any project, I brought in some “pretty” in the form of a little plant.

Organizing Chunky Necklaces

You can read more about the rest of my closet HERE.

Now that I can see my necklaces displayed, I will wear them more often.  Maybe I will wear one today.  Or maybe I will stay in my pj’s until noon.  Or maybe I will wear one over my reindeer pajama shirt.  Yup, that’s what I will do.

Happy organizing!


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