Organizing Costumes

Organizing Costumes

You wanna be Spiderman or Wolverine today?  How about Supermom?

Over the past 10 years we have accumulated quite a  few costumes in our home.  Kid’s costumes can be pretty expensive and if you have more than one little one, it’s wise to keep them so that they can later benefit from dress-up options (and your wallet can benefit too!). Organizing costumes is a task that can take a while, but saves a lot of time and aggravation in the long run.

I used to keep the costumes in one big box in the garage.  Then it turned into two boxes because the costumes and accessories were just too many.  The contents of the boxes were spilling over because although I had a pretty good idea of what costumes I had, I didn’t know the sizes.  Bottom line, it was a mess.

I came up with a great system that I want to share with you that has really worked for us.  The first thing I did was purchase 2-gallon zip lock bags; these are ginormous and that’s exactly what you will need.  I separated all the costumes and placed each one in a bag, removed the air from the bag and wrote on the zip lock bag the name of the costume and the size.

Organizing costumes

I then “filed” the costumes in a large plastic container.  I was able to fit two containers worth of costumes into one by simply placing everything into the zip lock bags.

Organizing Costumes

This is also a good opportunity to donate whatever costume is too small for any of your kiddos.  This year when deciding what my 3 year-old was going to wear, I didn’t have to make a mess trying to find the right size since it was already written on the bag.  This is definitly a time and space saving project!

I would love to hear from you how you store your kids’ costumes.



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  1. MorganizewithMe says

    I love that you did each costume (labeled) in their own bag – what a great system! I also have two large bins and I toss everything in there. I do use ziploc bags for all of the wigs. (We have accumulated quite a few over the years.) My kids play with costumes year round, for some reason dressing up is one of their favorite activities.


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