Organizing the Shower Area

Even the shower area needs a little bit of attention and organization.

Organizing the Shower Area

I used to have one of those metal shower racks in the corner FULL of products.  Then next to it, I would place the ones that were too large to fit.  With the shower rack I realized that if given the chance, I would turn the bathroom into a Hoarders episode.  Yes, me, the one with the organizing blog.

Of course, I had my excuses.  I couldn’t just stick to one shampoo because my hair needed variety and couldn’t commit.  Then I had 2 shower gels, because apparently my skin also liked options.  Then I had 2 shaving creams because my husband likes gel-based and I like cream-based….and on and on…

Eventually, the shower caddy started to oxidize and it was the perfect opportunity to throw it out and come up with a different plan.

I found this acrylic makeup organizer that I was no longer using for makeup, and it was P.E.R.F.E.C.T.   Because it was small, and small meant that I had to streamline.

Organizing the Shower Area

I only purchase pump-style shampoo and conditioner bottles so that I don’t have to remove them from their spot.

The front of the organizer was considerably more narrow than the back but it was perfect for body wash and face wash.

I like to give the shower a quick clean while I am in there (you don’t want to use toxic stuff ever, much less in an enclosed space) so on the side, I placed a cleaner.  I also keep a pumice stone for my feet in the shower.  I store it upright so it doesn’t get all yucky.    I also keep a bar of soap for my husband.

Organizing the Shower Area

Which brings me to a funny story.  Funny for you.  Scary for me.

A while back I noticed that my shower pouf was looking kinda rough and my husband’s was perfect, almost unused.  So I called my husband in the bathroom and I asked him, “which shower pouf do you use?”.  He pointed at….MINE!  Panic!  I love that man.  I have kids with him, I share everything, but my shower pouf???  Nooooooo!

He knows me and all my crazy boundaries, so after a minute (30 minutes in my mind) he laughed and said “I’m just kidding!  I have been using the bar soap for a while and I don’t touch those things!”

We are still not talking.   So I laughed and hugged him.  Here is a picture of the suspicious pouf.

Organizing the Shower Area

Back to the rest of the shower area.  On the wall, I have my razor that has been there for over 5 years!  I have changed the razor but the housing is the same.  I also have a Command Hook to hold a grout brush because you all know that when you are taking a shower, you notice all the yuckies.

Organizing the Shower Area

So take a second look at your shower area and get rid of excess products.  It is so much easier to clean with less “stuff” occupying space.

What else do you keep in the shower?  Do you share cups but never bath poufs?  Am I a bad wife for almost fainting?  Don’t answer.






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