Organizing Under the Bathroom Sink

Organizing under the bathroom sink

A couple of days ago, I shared how I maximize the vanity/sink area that I have in my corner of the bathroom.  If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

Today,  we are organizing under the bathroom sink.  This area can become a black hole, if you let it.  It’s awkward (with the plumbing) and its deep and baskets don’t always fit nicely.  Since I have so many products under my sink, I chose to organize them with turntables.  I used four, two large and two small.  I placed them in a way where they fit and still turn.

Organizing Under the Bathroom Sink

Each turntable has a purpose.  One is for foot spa stuff, the other for bath gels, the other for hair products and one for bath salts and oils. You can purchase the small turntables in my Amazon store HERE and the large turntables HERE.  But you can also find these in most home stores.  They are an inexpensive way to add a lot of functionality and organization around the house.  If I used a basket, I wouldn’t be able to access the products in the very back.  Now, I just turn the table until I see what I want.

On the cabinet wall, I have an organizer that I use to store these thingumajigs.  Ahem.  I also keep my Clarisonic Cleanser in there.  You can find that metal organizer HERE but again, these organizers are in most home stores (I have even spotted them at Marshalls).

Organizing Under the Bathroom Sink

On the other side, I have another organizer but I can’t link that one since its kind of old.  I don’t even remember where I bought it.  I keep a little makeup bag on the top shelf and miscellaneous items in the bottom shelf.

Organizing Under the Bathroom Sink


Do you have a system for organizing under the bathroom sink?  Isn’t that plumbing annoying to work around?

Happy Organizing my friends!  I have a bathroom makeover coming up next so stay tuned!




  1. says

    I have such a problem with keeping my bathroom organized. The sink wall is taken up entirely by a mirror, and there isn’t a ton of wall space in any other locations so I’m stuck mostly with counter space and under the sink storage. I added a turntable and I couldn’t live without it now!

  2. says

    I have an all glass sink/vanity so problem with storing ‘stuff’…generally just towels and bath mats but then the rest of the ‘stuff’ gets stored in my bedroom.

      • BritishBabe says

        Thank you yes. I’m enjoying your site it’s down to earth and ‘real’ not ‘perfectly staged’ and impossible to manage without spending boatloads of cash like some sites. Very much enjoying yours.

  3. Diane F says

    I have a very small bathroom these are very good suggestions, especially theturntable under the sink idea. Please keep them coming.


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