Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks

Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks


Last week we organized the shower area, and this week we tackle the bathroom sink or vanity area.  More specifically, organizing small bathroom sinks, such as the one in my master bathroom.  My husband has the same size sink on the opposite side of the bathroom and it works for him because all he stores is a toothbrush, a bottle of mouthwash and a razor…men…

However, my sink area has been challenging.  Where was I supposed to store all my makeup, cleansers and moisturizer??  A girl can simplify but she can’t part with all her products!

I would have loved a small cabinet, but the area was too narrow and I would’ve bumped it every time I leaned over to rinse my face.   A bloody nose would not mirror one of those graceful moments in facial care commercials.  By the way, who actually makes all those faces while applying product on their face?  I am sure that I make faces, but not pleasant ones.

But I digress.  So I added small shelves along the side and it gave me a ton of storage!

Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks

A closer look at the shelves.

Update to post:  Many of you have asked me where I purchased these shelves.  I think that I found them at Target years ago, but I no longer see them at the store.  I have just added a similar set to my Amazon store and you can find them HERE  Otherwise, you may want to check Homegoods or Marshalls.

Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks

The shelves are small but hold a ton.  I also like the open shelving (in this case) because these are items that I use daily.  Here are all my makeup brushes.

Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks


The third shelf holds items that I don’t use everyday but I do use often, and a little plant to prettify the wall.

Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks can get cluttered in no time if there is no system in place.  When you don’t have a lot of counter space, sometimes the best solution is vertical storage.  Use your walls when the counters won’t do.

Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks

Do you have a narrow sink like me, or a large area to spread out your makeup and products?

Later this week, we will organize under the sink and I will share my master bathroom update, so stay tuned!



  1. TwoDiffSocks says

    Make-up & Moisturizers should NOT be stored in the bathrooms since humid steam from showers can breed mold and bacteria. Store products in cool, dry, and dark place like a drawer or cupboard to protect products from degradation and premature aging.


    • Maria says

      I wonder if it makes a difference that my shower is pretty far from the sink and my bathroom stays open all day. My husbands sink on the other hand, is right next to the shower but he has no make-up and I can’t get him to use moisturizer (hehe). Thank you for you comment and I hope you are enjoying the blog!

      • says

        I have never had a problem with any of my make up breeding mold etc and I have been using makeup in my bathroom for about 50 years now. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

      • Ingrid says

        I Love this organization style. I have a small refrigerator in my bedroom for moisturizing products and it is so soothing when i use these products on my face, etc. . It also helps with puffiness too.

    • michelle says

      In the real world, most of us store our makeup right smack in the bathroom. I’m more concerned with not sharing cosmetics with others and regularly replacing older items. Ive never seen a single cosmetic get moldy (who keeps stuff long enough for that to happen?) but I have seen old old old makeup in someone’s bathroom that needs to be tossed. I love these ideas for storage, and am wondering how to incorporate a blow dryer and curling iron into the mix. Suggestions Maria?

      • Maria says

        Thank you Michelle! I saw this over-the-cabinet organizer on Amazon that may work for you but it doesn’t hold the iron :

        There are other options on Amazon that also hold the curling iron. Just make sure that there is enough clearance under your sink for that. You can also purchase an over-the-cabinet basket that is large enough for both.

        Another (free) option is to adhere an unused magazine rack to the back of your sink cabinet door and just place your hair dryer and curling iron in there. It needs to be sturdy since these are heavy items. I saw this on Pinterest a while ago. :-)

        Hope this helps!


  2. says

    Those shelves would be perfect in my tiny bathroom too. I was just thinking some more small shelves would help (I have one already that matches the lights and towel bar) but my bathroom hardware has been discontinued. Those look just like the wood trim around the door and ceiling. Can you tell where you got them or post a link?

    • Maria says

      These are pretty old but I think I found them at Target. I was using them for something else until I realized they were the perfect fit in this spot. I have also seen small shelves at Homegoods.

      • Carolyn Thompson says

        I just bought shelves that look the same at Home Depot. $16.98 for 2 shelves. The ones I bought are 6″ by 4″, so maybe they are a little smaller. But they have various sizes.

      • Maria says

        Good to know! I get questions all the time about where to find similar ones.

        Thank you!
        xo, Maria

  3. Marian says

    Looks like pretty and inexpensive solution :-) good job.
    Where did you get the glass container? The one on the first shelf.

  4. notthebathroom! says

    You should never store makeup in the bathroom! Bacteria, mold and fungus breed at rapid rates in humid environments – it takes very little time for bacteria to thrive. Each time you flush the toilet, fecal matter is dispersed everywhere in a 5 to 6 foot radius (this figure applies to an open lid toilet, but the numbers do not disappear with a closed lid)!!! Unless you are washing your brushes each day before you use them (and I know we don’t do that!), you are exposing your skin to disgusting bacteria, mold, fungus, and fecal matter. And that is only regarding those exposed brushes – the humidity impacts the consistency and chemical makeup of any liquid/cream makeup products you own. It is best to keep your makeup in a cool/dry room, without a toilet 😉

    As for the shelving idea – love it!

  5. Farrah Deebhaa says

    I have a very small condo. The bathroom does not have space to put some extra organizer. I like the idea of shelf. Thanks

  6. Jess says

    Love this! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been trying to come up with something for my bathroom. The sink is a disaster. I’ve just lived with it be cause I’m single. Lol <–Horrible excuse.

  7. says

    I was just wondering where did you find your little shelves? I love the way you have it set up. Our bathroom is so cluttered with stuff, its nearly impossible to tell that there is a counter anymore

    • Maria says

      Hi Aliyia, they are little pebbles that I bought on Amazon and I added the link to the post. I did it after seeing these in the makeup stores – they work great!


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