Organizing Your Purse

Here is my purse.  One of them.  Same story with you I’m sure.

Organize Your PURSE

Now inside my purse.

You will notice that I place all the items vertically.  I can easily see what is in there and easily pull out my wallet (not sure if that’s a good thing).


Most women have more than one purse.  We usually rotate them and we do have a couple that are on the top of the rotation list.

I like this little purse.  However, it doesn’t have as many pockets as I would like.  Basically, no purse ever does.

So I purchased an inexpensive (as in under $5) little insert on Amazon.  You can find different colors HERE.


Inside the insert I keep a diaper, a small wipes container, tissue, my wallet, a small bag that contains my sons epi-pen along with band-aids.

When I change purses I simply move the insert to the next purse.

Other contents in my purse are…


A small bag that contains some makeup, breath mints (because I do care), a set of earrings and a bracelet.

I am notorious for leaving my home without jewelry on.  Then I freak out when I am already in the car but it’s too late to run back and accessorize.

I usually remember my earrings but you never know.  It’s good to know they are there just in case.

Makeup Bag

This is the BEST. IDEA. EVER.  I did this years ago and I absolutely love it.

My wallet used to be so thick with store reward cards.  I am a sucker for anything that gives me points and rewards.  It somehow eases the guilt of spending.  Knowing that after paying for 100 coffees at $5.00 a piece but I get a free muffin at the ends feels redemptive.  Go figure.

I hole-punched every single reward card and I put them into a key ring.  Voila!  No more cards stuffed in my wallet.  They are now easier to find too!

Reward Card Holder

Another clever product that I found at the container store was this key ring holder that grabs on to the side of your purse.

No more fishing for the keys in the bottom of the purse.

Key Holder

By the end of the week my purse gets a little messy with receipts but it is easy to tidy up with this system.

I try to throw away receipts as soon as I get home and place the ones that need to be filed in the office.  I also have a separate area of the purse insert where I keep current receipts that I may need for returns.

It also helps when changing purses that you empty the one you are storing.  Have you ever lost a receipt and had to pull out 4 purses and violently empty them onto your bed?  Be honest.  I have.

I hope you enjoyed this purse and that it inspires you to clean up your purse.  It’s an easy thing to do and you get immediate satisfaction!

Happy Organizing and please share with me your thoughts on organizing your purses!



      • Katie says

        I always had the ring for my cards until I downloaded Key Ring on my phone (and my hubs’ too) – you scan every card (or enter the card # if it’s not scannable) and then you can use it that way. I keep the ring of actual cards in the console in my car in the event I don’t have my phone. Plus, since my husband hates to carry cards, he has them all on his phone too.

  1. Clareana Darosa says

    I love this post! It is so helpful, my husband is always saying how I can never find anything inside my purse, especially if it’s a big one. Thanks!

  2. says

    I love these ideas! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams, starts on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

  3. Elena says

    I love this purse insert. I’ve got a similar one, it contains all my staff and it’s really convenient to move it from one purse to another. Thank you for sharing so many ideas! Your blog is fantastic, just found it by chance.

  4. Cheryl from Florida says

    Just found your blog and think I will be looking at it regularly. Thanks for the very practical but pretty ideas for the purse organization. I also loved to see how you had organized your gift wrap supplies.


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